Using an "egg boil time meter" at an important dinner, Buffett points out the most extraordinary and amazing leadership lesson - Photo 1.

Using an "egg boil time meter" during an important dinner, Buffett points out the leadership lesson in the most peculiar and wonderful way.

When the clock timed, everyone would have to turn to their other side and come back after the next 15 minutes. When Welch and Buffett face each other again, Welch is greeted with the "Goodie, you're back!"

Welch said: "Buffett is the most important person in that room however, he makes me feel like he is on a par with him."

Warren Buffett – the world's most successful investor, Berkshire Hathaway's largest shareholder and director.

Welch goes on to say that this experience has changed the way she sees leadership. It teaches her to see the power of showing others that you care, respect them and are listening to them with all your heart:

“To this day, I am more focused on caring than enjoying something. I try to make people understand what I say and then act on what they say. I believe that everyone in life, they deserve to feel that they are valued, valued, valued and recognized.

Who am I to be led by others? Throughout my life, I have held many different leadership positions, the situation is a part of my status. What makes me the most important person in my office? Is it just because I happened to become a leader at the time? Is not. The privilege of leadership turns me into a "conduit" – a tool that can amplify the views, thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions, hopes and dreams of working people "to me ", or rather, those I'm lucky enough to work with.

Buffett's timepiece is a specific expression of this spiritual value. It is an odd expression but very profound: "You are very important to me and that makes me have to create a protective boundary to keep us up with our connections." I will start by having to bring at least a "mental timer" to the timer before joining the conversation with others in the future. This is one of my tips and tricks to focus and adjust when talking to others.

Here are a few tricks I use:

1. Practice WAIT principle – "Why Am I Talking?"

When you're engaged in a conversation and find yourself speaking more than listening, the "WAIT alarm" will ring in your head. It will remind you "Why do I speak instead of listening? It takes you back to listening mode and helps prevent you from shifting your focus to what you will say next instead of listening to others' opinions.

2. Send a signal that you have acquired the information

Clearly show that you are listening and understanding what the speaker wants to say by nodding. This gesture helps convey in a summary form what you have heard. Or simply remind you of giving up your smartphone.

3. Keep up the rhythm

If you are in a meeting and instead of listening carefully, you realize that you are lagging behind and not catching up with the information yourself. As a means of assistance, write at the top of your meeting the phrase "The area can only enter" or "What makes me pay attention right now?" to keep yourself on track.

4. Remember the opposite meaning of INV word

INV stands for "I'm not worth it." Remember the opposite when you're with someone who wants to hear what you're saying, that is, when you're with someone who doesn't really care about you or your thoughts. That's really bad.Why do you want to make people feel that pain too? A timer or nothing, a dinner party or nothing, you can choose to cook to find it again. Your interest in caring, listening and valuing others.

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