Using a fake voice created by AI, an impostor pretending to be the president loses $ 243,000 of a British company - Photo 1.

Using a fake voice created by AI, the crook pretended to be the chairman of a British company for US $ 243,000

In March of this year, Britain witnessed a serious fraud: The CEO of a large energy company thought he was following orders from his superiors, transferring thousands of pounds to another third party. It turned out that the commanding voice came from a machine, a system of artificial intelligence that faked the voice created by crooks.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the branch manager thought he received a call from the president of the parent company based in Germany. The German voice requested a transfer of £ 220,000 (US $ 243,000) for a freight hub in Hungary. Euler Hermes Group SA, the insurance company for the victim company, provided the case information but declined to identify who was tricked.

Rüdiger Kirsch told WSJ that the victim thought the caller was his employer because the person on the other end of the line had a German accent and had "tones" very similar to the CEO of the parent company. This was the first time that Euler Hermes had faced a fraud using high technology in the form of fake voice.

Victims received a total of 3 calls. Once the transaction took place after the first call, the victim received another call to inform (false) that the money was returned. Then the hacker made a third phone call, asking him to transfer some more money. The voice is still the same, but upon realizing that the phone number originated from Austria, then checked that there was no refund notice, the victim placed a question mark and did not make a second request for money transfer.

In recent months, speech technology has become much more complete than before. Some recently released examples make people doubt the future of the Internet will be like; AI research firm Dessa has just announced the fake voice of Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian and a famous YouTube podcast maker, that sounds amazingly similar to Joe Rogan.

Those who watch Joe Rogan's show often find it hard to tell which version is the real version.

Using a fake voice created by AI, an impostor pretending to be the president loses $ 243,000 of a British company - Photo 2.

Talk about businesses cheated money. They tracked the money to a Hungarian account, then discovered it was transferred to Mexico and then divided into a series of other small banks scattered everywhere. It has not been confirmed who is behind this high-tech scam.

Dessa also warned:

"A few years from now (maybe even sooner), we will see technology so advanced that it will take several seconds of voice to recreate a lifelike fake voice of anyone on the planet.”.

Unfortunately, the warning came two months after the fake voice fraud incident took place.

Technology, or specifically the ability of artificial intelligence, is a double-edged sword. This is probably part of Elon Musk's concerns.

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