Users were disappointed in the design of the Galaxy S20 prototype

Over the past few days, the tech-loving community has had a chance to shudder when the near-authenticity of the Samsung Glaxy S20 has leaked. Contrary to the excitement of a new product, the majority of users have disappointed feedback with the prototype. Are users too strict with Samsung or do they have higher expectations for the current ‘Android king’?

Users were disappointed in the design of the Galaxy S20 prototype

Galaxy S20 ‘crime’ that nothing to be criticized so

Recently, there have been images of the official design prototype of the Galaxy S20 shared on social networks. It can be seen that the overall leak completely coincides with the previous information with the Infinity-O screen in the middle, the rectangular cam cluster is left corner and the screen border is thinner. Instead of following the square design language like on the S10, the S20 takes a more rounded approach like on the predecessor S8 or S9. Combined with the rectangular camera cluster that is both large and rough, losing the sense of humor found on the S10.

The reason for such mixed reactions is also largely because users are always obsessed with perfection, sometimes going against the capabilities of current smartphone hardware. Samsung has pushed itself to the limit of the design just because they have always done so well, so that making users think their expectations are just normal for the company. The main factor that makes the new design language on the S20 disregard is the rectangular camera cluster, when users are too devoted to the Apple design language to be unique. And at that time all signs of similarity were equated with learning from Apple and labeling it a copy of Apple.

But can Samsung still do better than that?

In fact, it must be considered after all, that the expectations of Samsung are not too much in their position. They have the best teams in the world, designers, aesthetic investments are considered top. Whether choosing a different direction is more new, more strange, more attractive than it is not over reach. It was Samsung that was too easy on its choices and in the leading position, this ease deserves more stringent criticism.

Surely behind this excessive permissiveness there is something unexpected. Something that Samsung thinks must sacrifice its usual creativity, to make way for it. According to previous information, the Galaxy S20 generation will be the first products to be equipped with new lenses and sensors by Samsung. And the trade-off for that ridiculous design is a good reason.

Do not rush to let go of the blame, lest you will be missed

By now we have a look back at the big guy who specializes in feeding the ‘karma’ – Apple. Whenever Apple announced something, first cursing first and then giving money to the company later. Is it possible that the phrase “rabbit ears”, and the phrase “camera pearl”, the headphone port at the beginning of the leak all received countless tiles, so it became a trend. Samsung, too, isn’t it, ‘who needs a stylus?’, And the thin, entangled screen, and those ungainly fly buttons all become Samsung trends and imprints.

At that position, that vision with the big Samsung, Apple companies all criticized, that public reaction is just anticipation and calculation. Not before applying on language flagships, Samsung has launched Galaxy A to make users ‘eyes familiar’. In the end, perhaps our users still only have a familiar saying ‘It looks ugly and rough in the picture, but it doesn’t feel bad on hand’ and then spends money on the company.

Above all, all we know now is leaks and rumors, nothing is 100% authentic. However, any criticism or criticism will still be undeniable the attraction and influence of the Galaxy S20 on the smartphone market in 2020. Whether you appreciate low, expectation or disappointment is definitely a The main thing is you are interested in the pitch of the S20 pitch. Let’s join TCN to welcome SAMSUNG UNPACKED 2020 event in February.

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