Users are interested in Nokia 3310 (2020) proving the invisible attraction of Nokia remakes

Users are interested in Nokia 3310 (2020) proving the invisible attraction of Nokia remakes

Users are interested in Nokia 3310 (2020) proving the invisible attraction of Nokia remakes

Nguyen Duy Linh

11 hours ago

Nokia 3310 concept is making users excited. Image source: Nokiapoweruser

Recently, the concept of a Nokia 3110 posted by Nokiapoweruser is attracting much attention from internet users. This is a clear demonstration of the invisible attraction of these “follow” machines.

Despite the era of digital technology, the touch of the flip opens unlimited experiences. But there are still users who still love the nostalgia or practicality of basic phones.

Redo the machine has become a legend, a step forward but effective

The Nokia 8110 Golden Banana. Image source: Cnet

After regaining the rights to use the Nokia brand from Microsoft, HMD Global has shown its determination to bring Nokia back to glory again with quality products at affordable prices. And Nokia 6 – the first Nokia One running Android One has made a big deal, especially in the Chinese market.

But the smartest strategy that this Nokia-loving association has implemented is to revive legendary Nokia phones from the past. And as planned the 2017 Nokia 3310 version was mentioned worldwide after the launch of HMD Global’s first product.

It was followed by other remakes such as Nokia banana 8110, Nokia folding 2720 Flip and Nokia 5310 music player launched. All have won the attention of users.

In essence, these remakes are no different from the basic phones covered in new shirts reminiscent of Nokia legends once. But they are not cheap prices.

At launch, these remakes are priced at over 1 million, even some nearly 2 million. Relatively high compared to a basic phone, even with that money users can buy a cheap smartphone. But they still choose Nokia’s basic phones.

Actual usable value is the deciding factor

On hand Nokia 5310. Image source: thegioididong

Undeniably, most people who buy these basic Nokia phones in general and remakes in particular use them as sub-devices. Or specific users who do not need to use smartphones.

There are two ways that today’s smartphones are hard to compare with basic phones is durability and practicality when used. Damaged screen means you have lost almost completely usability for smartphones but with a basic phone is different. The screen does not affect the calling of the basic phone, just press play to eat immediately.

Especially, the remakes also remind old memories of users who have experienced that stage. That’s the charm of the remake. Many people like the feel of pressing a key on a phone, not too confused when looking at the matrix of applications.

From launch until production was discontinued, the Nokia 3310 sold 126 million units, a whopping mark for consumers to recognize and identify. This helped HMD Global sell 13.5 million basic phones in Q3 / 2018 and most of them were the new Nokia 3310.

Are you attracted to these Nokia remakes? Please leave a comment along reference!

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