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Believe me, the websites in this synthesis article will be extremely useful, it generalizes real life needs, contributes to improve and renew your life. Come on, let’s check out the best websites right in the article below!

content – Cooking training website


“New real is the religion”,

“The fastest way to the hearts of others through the stomach”.

The above statements show that food plays an extremely important role in human life. Website was born to bring people a comprehensive discovery of the culinary world. User-friendly web interface, easy to use. The website structure is divided into 4 basic sections:

  1. Go to market: Selling ready-to-eat dishes at affordable prices, helping busy people order the best delicious foods quickly. Just place an order, in a split second, the food will be delivered to your place.
  2. Recipe: Providing thousands, hundreds of thousands of recipes for delicious dishes in 3 regions of the country (North – Central – South) as well as around the world (USA, Germany, Austria, France …). The recipes are presented step by step, from the selection of ingredients to preliminary processing, how to cook, decorate, enjoy, preserve … You will learn how to cook from the simplest dishes such as boiling vegetables. , omelette, cook rice … to make complicated dishes such as: coke ribs, hot chili chicken hot pot, mango sticky rice with flowers …
  3. Blog: This category will share cooking tips, choosing ingredients that are fresh, clean, and preservative-free; Suggestions menu for special occasions such as New Year, Valentine February 14, March 8, Mid-Autumn Festival; suggest delicious restaurants for you and your loved ones to enjoy; Provide information about the nutritional value of each food for human health.
  4. Video: This category will be cooking tutorials videos. Instead of having to read the recipe, now you just need to go through the video, through the guidance of the chef, you can cook delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks by yourself. – Website teaching foreign languages


We are living in a globalized world, the opportunity to integrate with countries around the world is enormous. And of course to be able to connect, foreign language is the first method. With a foreign language, you will have the opportunity to work in professional environments with a salary of thousands of dollars / month, be able to carry your suitcase to travel the world without fear, and especially you will add foreign friends, understand the culture, history, people of each country …

However, in reality, learning foreign languages: English, Chinese, French … in Vietnam is not really good. Most people work hard to study grammar, while communication practice is very poor, which limits individual opportunities. was born with the mission to help everyone, regardless of girls, boys, old and young, religion, status … can master foreign languages ​​within reach.

The advantage of this website is that the lectures are extremely scientifically designed and easy to understand. You can chat with native speakers or interact with other students to share more experiences in learning foreign languages, practice more standard pronunciation.

Lectures are personalized to suit individual learning styles. With questions given to test your knowledge, after each answer, you will know whether you are right or wrong, if you are right there will be a virtual incentive; if wrong, the web will guide you on how to improve. Best of all, the Duolingo app recognizes your pronunciation and shows you what is wrong to fix. Research shows that only 34 hours of study on Duolingo is equivalent to studying a foreign language for an entire college period!

Currently, the Duolingo application available on both iOS and Android stores is completely free, anyone can download it by themselves to learn a foreign language every day.

Monkey Junior: The best online English learning app for kids
Monkey Junior: The best online English learning app for kids
see more – Information giant web site


I don’t need to say too much about this website anymore, right? This can be considered as the encyclopedia of all fields in life: science, biology, physics, chemistry, medicine, education, history, geography …

Almost anything from small to large, provides detailed and meticulous information, ensuring high reliability and accuracy. The information of each article is linked to a lot of relevant information for the reader to understand the issue most deeply. This website uses many languages ​​so it is convenient for people around the world to find information quickly and easily. – Cheap shopping website


Get the Shopee discount code

This is considered to be the most popular and trusted e-commerce platform today. Entering the world of Shopee, you will be free to buy a full range of items: clothes, shoes, bags, household appliances, electronics (computers, telephones, washing machines, air conditioners …). These products sold on shopee are publicly priced so that buyers can compare between the suppliers.

In case you are afraid of buying poor quality products, you can go to ShopMail – where reputable units are concentrated, and products have a certificate of commitment to good quality and guarantee. At each time slot, shopee has a flashsale item – an opportunity for you to buy products at attractive discounts, with items from 1 to 2 thousand VND that are very beautiful and useful for life.

Just click order, provide address information, phone number, name … after a few days, the item will arrive in your hands.

In addition to, you can also refer to other quite developed e-commerce floors that are, … – Health specialist


This is the campaign website of the National Institutes of Health, which is one of the most prestigious websites providing medical knowledge and healthcare in the world today. The information provided on this website is very useful, shared by leading experts in the field, with high reliability.

The website presents the essence of health care, provides in-depth information on the causes of disease, the typical symptoms of each disease, the best treatment, precautions, regimen. nutrition in the treatment process … Provide information about the nutritional components of each food: vegetables, meat, fish …

On average, a website has several million hits a day around the world, is the best information channel for people to learn to take care of themselves and their family members. We often say “Healthy is gold”So besides working time, take some time to find out the information on this website to help yourself be healthy, energetic, have a happy life! – Website teaching soft skills


You know in the present day soft skills are very important to the success of a person. That can be skills: taking pictures, designing, drawing, presenting, communicating, telling stories … greatly assist in everyday work.

At the website, you will be integrated into the network of more than 2 million students and 5 million teachers, more than 17,000 classes. All lectures are presented in video recording format available with different topics, students will choose the teacher and the topic they need to learn for reference.

For new users, you have the opportunity to learn for free for a month with unlimited resources available on the current website.


Above are websites in many different aspects of life, they are really close to people. If you have time, please try to visit the above websites to equip yourself with more knowledge, help your life!

Hope you will find a useful website through the list above and if you have additional comments on any other list that is not in the above list, do not forget to leave your comments in the comments below. here.



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