Useful commands you can use with Google Now

 Useful commands you can use with Google Now

Useful commands you can use with Google Now

The Google voice command works through the Google Now app which is available on both Android and iOS operating systems, and it is pre-installed on most Android devices. If your Android device already has this app, you can access it by holding down the button Home or look in your app drawer. On both iOS and Android versions, you can set up voice activation with the “Ok Google”To use the service without having to touch your phone.

There are lots of Google voice commands but not all of them work properly and work everywhere. The following article will share with you the most useful voice commands that you can speak to your Android phone through Google Now.

1. Text and make calls

Text and make calls

This is an easy command, so if you haven’t used it then now and later you may want to take advantage of it. Google can call someone in your phone book for you. You just need to say “call + …“(call + name of someone or company) to start a call. If the name appears once in the contacts, the application will simply start the call. If someone has more than one contact, or if multiple companies have the same name, you will be prompted to select the number you want to contact.

In the same way, you can use the command “text + …”(Text + someone’s name) to start texting. Not only that, you can order the automatic compose of messages, such as “Message An, 10 minutes to meet”. All you will have to do then is choose the application you want to use to send that message. You can edit the message if desired.

The only downside to both features is that Google doesn’t really understand the contact name, especially for uncommon English names.

2. Directions

You probably already know you can ask Google for directions to anywhere. Above all, Google Maps is a navigational method of choice for many, including non-Android users. But did you know that you can ask more than just directions?


To get started, you can use the “directions to“(Directions to),”navigate to“(Navigate to) and including”how to get to”(How to get to it), then say the correct address or landmark name and most Google will identify it. If there are multiple places with the same name, you will be given a choice before it switches to Googe Maps to get real directions.

Do you want to walk, bike or use public transportation somewhere? No problem, you just need to use simple commands like “walking directions to”(Walking directions to) or”transit directions to”(Transit directions to) to get to the desired location.

Alternatively, you can also use the “map of”(Map of) with an address, a name, a city to open Google Maps in that location or ask Google”where I am”(Where I am) to have a map of your current location.

3. Create events and reminders

You can use voice commands to create everything from calendar events (in Google Calendar) for reminders, notifications, and notes. When creating a reminder, all you have to say is “remind me to”(Remind me) and then what you want it to remind you and time. You can also add specific times if desired. After setting the reminder, you can find it again in Settings> My Stuff.

Reminders can become more complicated if you use geolocation. Therefore, try to say places like home, company, cafe … If Google doesn’t know where your home is, you can set a location for it to remember. This may apply to the workplace. Sometimes, Google won’t recognize many places and will just try to set a common reminder. This feature is improved on Android Kitkat.

Facts and reminders

If you want to write a short note for yourself, you can use the “note to self”And notes. You can save it in Google Keep, or any other application that uses the same purpose.

Event booking is similarly done. To create an event, you say “create an event“Or”create a calendar event”And name the event, date, location and time. You can also use the “schedule a meeting”To schedule an appointment. The last thing you can do is set an alarm with the “set alarm”And specify a time

4. Navigate in the phone

You can use Google to open the website you want to browse and even open applications on your phone. This feature is not necessarily easier than touching the icon to open the application, but it will certainly be much more interesting.

To open an app, just say “open + app”(Open + application name) you want to launch. For the website, you say “go to”(Go to or visit) and give Google a URL, such as visiting

5. Write email & post to Google+

Google may remind you to do a lot of things, but did you know that Google can write entire emails for you without having to launch the email application ?. Of course, this feature does not apply to long content emails. If you want to send an email with just one or two lines, Google Now can help you.

Write email & post to Google+

If you want to keep things simple, just say “email“Or”send email”And specify a contact. Similarly, you can start a post put on Google+ with the command “post to Google plus”(Posted to Google+).

6. Ask questions

Ask question

Everyone knows Google knows everything and with Google Now, you can also ask questions and for the most part, you’ll get answers. You can ask questions about ticket prices, weather information, movie tickets, image search …

7. Music and TV

Music and TV commands may not work anywhere in the world. While watching TV, try saying “listen to TV”. Google can recognize the item you are viewing and display related tags with interesting information.

When you listen to a song, you ask Google “what’s this song?”(What is this song) and it will recognize the song title for you. Finally you can tell Google to play music or movies.

The above are commands that you can use in almost anywhere in the world. Voice commands with Google Now make it easier and faster to use certain tasks.

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