Used cars and cars should not be bought

Used cars and cars should not be bought

There are lines of old cars and cars that absolutely should not be purchased, because there are many potential risks, easily causing buyers to fall into the situation of “money loss and disability”.

Compared to new cars, buying a used car brings many economic benefits, but also has many potential risks. This is exactly the reason why so many people wonder should buy a used car or not.

According to car buying experience old car In order to minimize the risk when buying used cars, buyers should avoid choosing some of the following models and types of cars:

10 used cars you should not buy

1. Service car, taxi “refund”

According to the old car value calculation methods, the vehicles car used to run services such as taxi, Grab, contract car, self-drive car rental … when for sale, it is usually 10% – 40% cheaper than a house car. However, her grandparents had the saying “cheap is mine”.

Service vehicles in general are often used very high, not only twice, but maybe three or four times higher than home cars. On the other hand, service vehicles are rarely invested in care and maintenance. Therefore, it will degrade faster than home car, especially in the engine system, gear, air conditioner …

Used cars and taxis are one of the old cars that should not be bought

Many people who have experience in buying and selling used cars share, before the liquidation of the “refund taxi”, the seller will refurbish the car, even “the backside” to look new and more eye-catching. Cars can also be tentacle speedometer to let customers believe that the used car is not too much. But the fact that the internal system is likely to be “exhausted”. So when buying a used car, check the car carefully to avoid it buy a taxi repents.

2. The vehicle is bombarded with water

The car that was once flooded and inundated is one of the “taboo” old cars when purchased. With old cars that have been flooded, water can go into the interior, affecting many internal details, especially the electrical system in the car.

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Do not buy old umbrella cars that have been damaged or flooded

And the vehicle that was attacked by the hydrodynamic was the vehicle that was spilled into the air inlet of the engine, killing the engine. At this time, if the driver tries to start the engine again, the water can be sucked deeper, causing serious damage to the engine. Although being overcome, the car can return to normal operation, but the stability and durability of the engine will not be the same as before.

Therefore, when buying a car, it is absolutely not advisable to buy a car that shows signs of suspicion of being flooded or hydrostatic. Best to grasp these how to recognize a car under attack to check the vehicle or get a professional vehicle inspection service.

3. The car had an accident

This is one of those used cars that should not be purchased. From the point of view of many people, you should not buy a used car that has had an accident because of bad luck. But according to experts, the more important reason is safety and value to use. Because a car has an accident, no matter how heavy it is, it must be repaired. This will definitely affect the vehicle’s life span.

The car with an accident is one of those used cars that should not be purchased

If the car has a serious accident, must go through “overhaul”, not only will it be repaired but also many new spare parts and components will be replaced. It will be difficult for the buyer to check whether the owner will take the car for a formal repair, whether to replace genuine parts and components … It is impossible to exclude the possibility that the owner only allows the car to repair through the speaker to quickly sell the car. go. Therefore, when buying a used car, you should carefully check the engine, Check for an accidental old car or not.

4. Old cars have been “overhauled”

If a car is seriously damaged due to many reasons such as technical error, accident, water attack, etc., it often has to undergo “overhaul”. Therefore this vehicle is classified into 10 types of vehicles that you should not buy. Because the vehicle has been overhauled, the stability and durability will not be the same as before, and the risk of damage is higher.

Do not buy a used car that has undergone major repairs

5. Vehicle has no official papers

Recently, there have been a lot of car disputes that happened due to the purchase of a car without official documents, and no procedures to change the car owner. The common method of fraud to buy used cars is that the subject will rent a self-driving car, then appropriate it and directly sell it or sell it to a party that specializes in buying used cars. That way, the car will not have official documents.

Avoid buying a used car without the right owner and do not carry out the name change procedure

In order to easily find a buyer, the object will lower the car price, sell it at an attractive price with reasons such as urgently needing to sell cars, need capital to do business, so they sell … With more sophisticated tricks, many The subject also made fake car papers. However, the transaction is still only done through hand paper, it is not possible to proceed with the vehicle name transfer procedure.

6. Car “blanket” for a long time

Buying a car is obvious everyone wants to choose a new car, rarely used. However, with “blanket” cars, for a long time not in use, it is not necessarily good. Because the car is not in operation for a long time, it will easily generate mold, causing the details in the machine and copper to rust. So if you buy a car “blanket”, you should also carefully check the car’s condition.

Buying a used car for a long time is not necessarily a good choice

7. Vehicle has signs of rust

A car that shows signs of rust is one of those used cars that should not be purchased. Because even if the paint is new, there is a possibility of continued damage if not handled well. Therefore, when buying a used car, it is necessary to carefully check not only the body but also the chassis. Because the new chassis is the most susceptible to rust.

Avoid buying a car that shows signs of rust, especially the undercarriage

8. Cheap old luxury car

Many people questioned should buy a 10 year old car not because the price is too cheap. Among them are noteworthy lines European luxury car as Mercedes, BMW, Audi… always has an irresistible attraction, especially to those old luxury car Cheap price only from 300 – 400 million.

However, the cheaper the luxury car, the deeper the real life. But the deeper the car life, the higher the risk of damage, the higher the cost of keeping the car while the use value is not much. Therefore, do not buy a cheap luxury car with deep life, especially used for more than 10-12 years.

Do not buy an old luxury car too deep

9. Vehicle manufacturer defective

Vehicle used to have technical defects is a remarkable issue when choosing to buy used cars. For many meticulous people, these are also classified as old cars that should not be purchased. Because even though the warranty is repaired by the company, the car has been “stuck”, the risk of future damage will be higher.

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The vehicle that used to have a technical fault is also one of the used cars that should not be purchased

Some famous automobile “seals” in the past such as: gearbox error of the Ford car, error is stuck on the accelerator pedal SUVs and a load of Toyota, GM vehicle ignition error …

10. Unusually cheap used car

Everyone wants to buy used cars at the lowest prices possible. But it is not natural that people sell cars at unusually low prices. Therefore, buyers need to be wary. Because there is a high probability that the vehicle has a problem or the vehicle does not have the official documents. Also, with cheap imported old cars, be careful.

Be wary of unusually cheap old cars

Used cars should not buy

Based on many different databases, a number of reputable organizations in the world can calculate and calculate the accident rate of car models. According to a report from FARS Mortality Analysis System in the US, iSeeCar has researched and published a list of car models with high rates of fatal accidents in the period 2012 – 2017.

Top cars with the highest fatal accident rate (iSeeCar):

  • Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Honda Jazz
  • Kia Forte
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Nissan Versa
  • Kia Rio
  • Dodge Challenger

Top SUVs with the highest accident rate (iSeeCar)

  • Kia Sportage
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Lincoln MKT
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  • Buick Encore
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Subaru Forester
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Honda CR-V
  • Chevrolet Equinox

With a high accident rate, the above are used models that should not be purchased or should be considered before buying.

Vinh Nguyen

Frequently asked questions about used cars not to buy

? What old car models should not buy?

Reply: According to experts, the old car models that should not be purchased are the ones with a high accident rate, the models often have many errors …

? What types of old cars should not buy?

Reply: Big old umbrellas that should not be bought include: taxis with refunds, cars with hydrodynamics, cars with accidents, cars that were “overhauled”, cars with manufacturing defects …

? Should I buy a deep old car?

Reply: According to experts, do not buy old cars with deep life because the remaining use value is not much, and the risk of damage is high.

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