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Use Vietnamese voice to ask for directions on the car

  • Use Vietnamese voice to read addresses, places, shops … want to come.
  • Guide in Vietnamese
  • Available in Apple Carplay or Android Auto
  • If the device has a TV interface, it will automatically follow the TV or go to Settings / Google Maps to adjust to the TV.

Using voice to control is easier than using the phone keypad or controlling the car many times. Not to mention when driving, this is safer and faster. Ability to identify very accurately, regardless of region.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are made so that we can both drive and use phone gadgets like Google Map safely without having to hold the phone on hand. By identifying Vietnamese as well as Vietnamese directions when the car moves, you do not need to look at the screen to see the road, nor do you need to manually enter the address to help him. I drive safer.

If your phone is not using Vietnamese, then you need to go to the application's settings, and switch the language of the application in Vietnamese, or the option to install the search in Vietnamese in the application. use.


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