Use an automobile headrest pillow: Should or not?

Use an automobile headrest pillow: Should or not?

Sitting in a car for a long time will surely make you feel tired and uncomfortable. To overcome this situation, people often use car headrest pillows.

What is the structure of an automobile headrest pillow?

Car headrest pillow is a pillow with a long shape, smaller size than conventional pillows, designed to fit car seats and people sitting in cars. The pillow has a high overhang, the lower middle so that people in the car can put the head and neck exactly in the middle of the pillow and fix the balance. Like normal pillows, car headrest has 2 main parts: pillow core is pillow core. Pillowcases are usually made of cloth or leather (leather material is used quite popular, both durable and aesthetic synchronized with the seat material in the car). The core of the pillow is made of synthetic cotton, young rubber or foam … The soft, soothing materials create a sense of comfort for the user.

The headrest has a recessed center sectionThe headrest has a recessed center section

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How does an automobile headrest pillow work?

The main function of this headrest pillow is to support the head and neck for the person sitting on a chair. This effect reduces the pressure of the head on the spine system, especially in the neck vertebrae. If there is too much gravity from here, the neck area will feel sore. The headrest pillow eliminates this situation in the neck, neck and neck, making people feel more comfortable.

Car headrest reduces neck and neck painCar headrest reduces neck and neck pain

One function that many people probably won’t notice and don’t know about when using headrests: it’s the reduction of injuries when a car unfortunately happens to be an accident. In situations where a car is in an accident, cars tend to charge forward with maximum acceleration. From there, the person in the car will also charge forward inertia.

Thanks to the seatbelt system, the body and head area will be retained but will be subjected to a relatively strong backward force. At that time, if there were no headrests for support, the head and neck area of ​​the car driver would inevitably be impacted and injured. If the collision is minor, the person sitting in the car may suffer damage to the neck, shoulder blades, belt causing soreness or numbness. Worse, the damage can cause dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus or even broken neck bones, brain injury …

Using a headrest pillow minimizes injuries when the vehicle is in an accidentUsing a headrest pillow minimizes injuries when the vehicle is in an accident

How to use a “standard” car headrest

Car headrest is designed separately from car seat. They are attached to the headrest of the chair with a large elastic band. To use a headrest, you just need to do a few simple steps. First use your hand to stretch slightly and open the elastic part of the pillow, insert into the headrest of the chair. Then adjust the pillow so it is balanced in the middle of the seat headrest. Depending on the height of the seat, adjust the height of the pillow on the chair accordingly. The recessed center in the middle of the pillow is the position to place the head and nape. The sides protrude higher to hug the head and the back of the neck, keeping them fixed both to create a sense of comfort and safety.

Use headrest properly for best resultsUse headrest properly for best results

Thus, the use of headrest pillows for people sitting in cars is the right thing to do. It not only helps you feel comfortable when sitting in the car, especially on long distances but also ensures safety in dangerous situations. Most cars today are equipped with headrest pillows to ensure both safety and comfort for passengers. Please select reputable addresses to find the best quality headrest pillows.

The secret to buying a suitable car headrest pillow

Currently on the market there are countless products of automobile headrest with designs, designs, sizes, materials … extremely rich and diverse. How to choose the pillow that best suits you?

The right design helps support the head and neck

The first factor to evaluate whether using a headrest pillow is good or not is the relaxation and comfort that it brings to the user during the journey. In order to have that comfort, the design of the pillow must match the structure of the human body. Specifically, it has the ability to support the head and neck to help maintain the head and neck position in the most natural position.

Choosing car headrest should pay attention to the design to support the support of the head and neckChoosing car headrest should pay attention to the design to support the support of the head and neck

The pillow has a hollow part to support the head and neck. These are common designs found in headrest products. Through user reviews, this design has actually brought about relaxation effects, and reduces driver stress when driving. If you feel that a pillow that provides only smooth support is not enough, and you want to experience the maximum relaxation when sitting in the car, you can refer to the headrest pillows combining massage function. .

Suitable size of car seats

Many types of pillows when purchased are confirmed by the seller to be used for all vehicles. However, seat sizes of vehicles vary. So if your chair is small, do not choose the pillows too big will lose the aesthetics of the car. And if small size will make users feel less comfortable.

Should choose the size of headrests suitable for seatsShould choose the size of headrests suitable for seats

The thickness of the pillow is also one of the factors that car users should be concerned about. The pillows should not be too thick will affect the driving posture, easy to cause fatigue when used long term. And the pillows should not be too thin because then will not create an appropriate lift for the head and neck.

Few people know that car manufacturers also set their own standards for headrest pillows. That is, when you want to buy a headrest for your car, open the car’s manual first, and then find out if there are any special requirements for the headrests used on your vehicle. friend. The reason why manufacturers decide to make regulations for car headrest pillows is to minimize the severity of injuries if an accident occurs. Using the wrong design of the headrest, as well as misplacing the headrest, can make accidental injuries worse.

Made from friendly materials

Car headrest pillows are made with the outer shell often using fabric or synthetic leather. The inner part is made of cotton, or soft rubber, to make the pillow soft and elastic. Pillow products made of young rubber are always appreciated, although the price is more expensive than those made from cotton. Young rubber is a special type of rubber that is synthesized from natural rubber using additives to create impurities with the desired elasticity and still keep the softness of the rubber.

Choose headrest pillows made from friendly materialsChoose headrest pillows made from friendly materials

Products made from young rubber are always soft, light, breathable and bring a cool feeling when used. In the surface structure of young rubber, there are air holes that help the air to circulate, and cool. With cotton guts often made from synthetic cotton. When using this type of cotton, pillows have high elasticity, good absorbency, but the ventilation level is limited compared to pillows made of young rubber. When first used, the elasticity of the pillow is high, but prolonged use may cause the pillow to collapse and reduce its elasticity.

The outer layer, if used in synthetic leather, brings a luxurious look to the pillow. While the fabric pillows are quite diverse in color and pattern, the pillows become more personality. If you choose a leather pillow, evaluate whether the skin is soft enough and breathable, or the quality of the skin is good? With a fabric cover, in addition to the pattern, should choose a pillow with no or little plastic content, the surface is soft and not rough.

Leather pillow topLeather pillow top

Another option for car owners is an air headrest pillow. Instead of the materials used to make the pillow gut, the outer shell of the pillow is designed into an air bag and inflatable inside. These pillows have the advantage of being light and foldable when not in use. The market has begun to appear counterfeit and fake products. These products are modeled after the products of reputable products on the market. However, the quality is not guaranteed. Materials used to produce these products are of poor quality, when used long-term can produce unpleasant odors, quickly damaged, peeling, losing aesthetics.

Easy to clean

Products after use will need to be cleaned. Therefore, before buying, users should consult the seller to know how to clean their pillow. It is recommended to regularly remove the cover outside the pillow to clean. Pillow cases made of synthetic leather use a cleaning solution used to clean the pillow surface. This helps to improve the product life and increase the gloss and beauty.

Should choose headrest pillow products easy to clean to ensure healthShould choose headrest pillow products easy to clean to ensure health

If the pillow case is made of cloth, then it’s simple, just remove and put in the washing machine. Note that do not use fabric softener when washing these pillowcases, because the strong odor of fabric softener, when used in cars, can cause an uncomfortable suffocating feeling. Instead, a few drops of essential oil can be added to the pillow’s softener. Essential oils in pillowcases bring relaxation, soothing to the user.

In case you want to clean your intestines, pay attention that the young rubber is quite sensitive, but also less dusty. Therefore, if you really need to clean, wash your hands in a mild detergent solution, and then dry in the shade. With cotton guts, can be put into washing machine to wash. The hygiene of the headrest pillow is essential to ensure safety and health for users. Therefore, the product should be selected less dirty and easy to disassemble to clean.

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Fancy designs

Always take care of your interests and family members. It is not necessary to buy synchronized headrest pillows in the car, although the synchronization will look more luxurious. But if everyone has a hobby, they should respect personal opinions. The market has a lot of eye-catching car headrest designs that are very eye-catching for users to choose. The pillows also have very personal characteristics, and you absolutely can choose the pillow style your own as well as family members.

Choose the style of car headrest pillow according to your preferenceChoose the style of car headrest pillow according to your preference

These lovely headrest pillows are also a good decoration for your car. Therefore, you should take some time to choose the pillow models that are both good for the user and show your aesthetic taste.

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