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USA: Shooting in Louisiana, 5 people hospitalized

According to the source, the incident took place on Hearne Avenue, located between Emery and Merwwin streets. The police were quickly present at the scene after receiving the information.

Police blockade the scene of the shooting in the city of Austin, Texas, USA, on April 18, 2021. Photo: AP / TTXVN

This is the latest case involving gun violence in the US recently. Earlier, the same day, the police of Austin, Texas, arrested a suspect in the case of three people who were shot dead in an apartment. Authorities have also blocked neighboring areas, including a famous shopping complex in the northwestern area of ​​the city. Acting Police Chief of Austin Joseph Chacon City has identified this shooting suspect as Stephen Broderick, 41 years old. According to Mr. Chacon, preliminary information shows that the suspect may be a law enforcement officer.

In Wisconsin, a shooting occurred in a pub in Somers on the evening of April 17, killing 3 people and injuring 2 people. Police are looking for a suspect in this incident.

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