USA back to WHO, COP21: Process of 'reversing Trump' begins

USA back to WHO, COP21: Process of ‘reversing Trump’ begins

(International relations) – According to experts, after entering the White House, Mr. Joe Biden will reverse the decisions of his predecessor Donald Trump.

According to US media, Joe Biden’s first act as President of the United States was to sign a decree bringing the United States back to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Associated Press (AP) news agency reported. .

This is one of the first decisions to be made since the Democratic President was sworn in on January 20.

In addition, Mr. Biden also signed a decree bringing the United States back into the Paris Agreement on climate change (Paris Agreement / COP21).

According to the AP, the Democrat component’s transition group announced its intention to bring the United States back to WHO the day before. According to the US leader, this will allow nations around the world to coordinate their actions in the fight against coronavirus.

Back to WHO, COP21: The process of 'Trump knife' begins
Mr. Joe Biden quickly canceled Trump’s decisions, brought the US back to WHO, COP21

Previously, Mr. Trump declared that the country ended its relationship with WHO and stopped sponsoring the organization because WHO “refused to implement the reforms on demand”. The US leader accused the WHO of hiding the scale of the coronavirus for the sake of China.

As a rule, a year later, ie until July this year the US will officially leave WHO, but the predecessor’s decision was immediately abolished by Mr. Biden after becoming President.

According to analysts, Mr. Joe Biden is a lover of “traditional American values” and wants to restore the global position of the United States through leading international organizations, as opposed to the policy of ” America First “and the” interest first “view of Mr. Donald Trump.

As a result, experts say that, as soon as he enters the White House, Joe Biden will quickly reverse the decisions of his predecessor Donald Trump, especially the restoration of US participation in the international structure and organization.

In addition, the new US President will quickly return or sit at the negotiating table on the re-signing of the agreements that his predecessor had withdrawn from such as the INF Treaty. medium and short range) with Russia or the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement (also known as the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” – JCPOA) …

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