US tries to find evidence of Russian cyber attack

US tries to find evidence of Russian cyber attack

At a hearing at the US Senate Armed Forces Committee, US Undersecretary of Defense for Cyber ​​Policy Mieke Eoyang pointed out the features that make it possible for the US to prove that Russian hackers are responsible for the cases. attack.

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The US believes Russia supports hacking attacks abroad.

Accordingly, Ms. Eoyang said, in some cases the evidence is in the code of the virus. Accordingly, the code will not harm computers whose default settings are in the Russian language.

“Sometimes the evidence lies in the code of the ransomware, because hacker groups operating in Russia develop malware that doesn’t infect computers that are installed by default in Russian,” Eoyang said. to speak.

However, this does not confirm whether the hacker is backed by the Russian government.

But then Ms. Eoyang noted that, “some governments allow hired hackers to earn personal gain through cybercrime, which is inappropriate behavior for responsible countries.” responsibility in cyberspace”.

Speaking at the hearing, Ms. Eoyang reiterated the idea of ​​​​forming a coalition to fight American hackers. The United States called on countries to take responsibility “to take action against criminals who engage in activities related to extortion from their territories”.

Earlier this month, the US State Department announced the idea. This will be an international coalition aimed at holding the State responsible for hosting hackers.

He added that the implementation of such a strategy by the US is also geared towards enhancing cooperation on this issue with its allies. It is not clear whether the US international initiative will invite Russia to join.

Washington officials do not believe the Russian government is directly involved, but say they are tolerating hackers who should have been arrested.

“There is a lot of malicious activity coming from within Russia that, although not conducted by government officials, is being authorized by the Russian government,” said Assistant Attorney General John Demers. presented at a conference organized by the Cyberscoop media group on June 16.

“They not only condone, but actively stand in the way of US law enforcement in their efforts to prevent attacks of this kind,” the official said.

At the first summit between leaders Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16, the US President said he had warned the Russian President that Russia had not acted against hackers in the past. Russian territory has extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from Western governments, companies and organizations.

“I told him that we have very strong cyber capabilities, and he knows that. If they violate the ground rules, we will respond,” Biden said.

In a separate press conference after more than three hours of talks with Biden, the Russian president denied the US president’s accusations, emphasizing that the US was behind the large number of cyber attacks. However, he acknowledged the issue was “extremely important” and said the two sides had agreed to hold consultations on the issue.

“We need to ignore all hints, sit down at the expert level and start working for the benefit of Russia and the United States,” Putin said.

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