US Senator: Mr. Biden worked all his life to help the CCP rise

US Senator: Mr. Biden worked all his life to help the CCP rise

On August 24, Mr. Tom Cotton also wrote on Fox News, strongly criticizing Mr. Biden and his relationship with the Beijing government. The Biden family, he pointed out, has a close and complicated relationship with the Beijing government. From Mr. Biden’s files you can see, his career is to help the Chinese Communist Party rise, Americans cannot hand over the White House to him.

Senator Tom Cotton (Image: Wikipedia)

At the beginning of the article, it is shown that in the election atmosphere, Mr. Biden is changing his appearance, but in fact has not changed.

The article said, the presidential election is getting more and more intense, Mr. Biden suddenly has serious comments about China. But his half-hearted speech could in no way conceal the ‘achievement’ for which he supported the CCP consistently throughout his life, and to America it was a disaster.

Last year, not long before the fatal virus hit America, Mr. Biden was still conveying his stale words. He told everyone that he was a member of the CCP “Not our competitor”, it’s not “bad guy”.

Mr. Tom Cotton guessed that millions of American jobs were lost due to the Beijing government’s dishonest trade habits, let alone the millions of Uighurs in concentration camps, they both disagree. with Mr. Biden.

These speeches reflect Mr. Biden’s true views, showing everyone what he would take if he became President.

Why is Mr. Tom Cotton determined like that?

First, in trade talks with the Trump administration, Beijing didn’t have to do too much to cover up what it wanted, he said. When Mr. Biden announced his candidacy last year, Beijing suddenly took the hard line, arguing it would very quickly find a friend in the White House. When Mr. Biden approached the weakest point in the poll, Beijing temporarily closed its trade deal in January. After a while, when Mr. Biden seemed unable to get a Democratic nomination, Beijing suddenly showed it was eager to reach an agreement.

Shortly after the first-stage trade deal reached, due to the rapid spread of the virus, President Trump banned travel from China to the US, Biden quickly denounced the move as “Hatred psychology”.

Mr. Tom Cotton said this fact explained the reason why the US intelligence got the conclusion that Beijing preferred Mr. Biden to be elected over Trump’s re-election.

In fact, it doesn’t take any professional knowledge to figure this out.

Mr. Biden has had a relationship with the CCP for a very long time, for up to 50 years, and from one speech to another he spoke the same tone: “No matter the price, it will support the CCP’s rise.”

Next, the article recounts and analyzes the process of Mr. Biden’s participation in politics, has provided favorable conditions for the CCP, and Mr. Biden’s family has received a good return from China. Mr. Biden and his family members, at least his son have long established a close relationship with the CCP, and Mr. Biden has practically always helped the CCP.

The article states that, until the period after 1990, when Beijing began seeking to join the WTO and received America’s ‘most favored nation favor’, Mr. Biden was already the highest level of the Democrat in effect. US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

At that time, many politicians spoke of the dangers of enhancing the commercial status of the Beijing government, among which many from the Democratic Party also spoke up.

However, Mr. Biden was not among these critics. Conversely, when the Senate considers anything to slow Beijing’s move towards greater commercial prerogatives, for example, to increase support for human rights or improve labor practices to facilitate for the new status of China, Mr. Biden voted against it, using his important influence to veto all Senate considerations.

Today, across the country, can see the destructive legacy of Mr. Biden’s conduct, factories shut down and production towns devastated by economic hardship, said Tom Cotton to speak.

When Mr. Biden served as Vice President in the Obama administration, he continued to support the CCP.

In a rowdy 2012 run by Mr. Biden and Xi Jinping, the Beijing government regarded Mr. Biden as “new partner ”, and said Beijing and Washington will face off “Global challenge”.

Regarding strategies to steal the means of life of American workers while locking China into strategic advantages in important areas such as medicine, rare earths and telecommunications, Mr. Biden simply said: “Welcoming this competition … this motivates our companies to develop better products and services, and at the same time spurs their governments to institute better policies.”

In 2013, Mr. Biden and his son Hunter Biden came to China together. On the way, the reporter noticed Mr. Hunter Biden’s presence and thought it was strange. At the time, Beijing was speeding up the construction of islands in the South China Sea, but Mr. Biden’s itinerary did not take any action to prevent it.

After a short tour, Hunter joined the Board of Directors of a private equity firm in Shanghai.

Mr. Tom Cotton said that it can be said with certainty that the economic conditions are going in favor of Mr. Biden and the CCP more than most other American families.

The first time Mr. Biden entered the Senate, the US military was still stationed in Vietnam, while Beijing was poor and underdeveloped, comparing the threat to the Soviet Union, no one seemed to pay attention to the CCP. . Now, however, the CCP is very wealthy, and is the main rival of America. “The CCP is threatening our safety, and taking our jobs away“, Said Mr. Tom Cotton.

At the end of the Fox News article, it also summarizes: “There’s no way we can hand over the White House to Mr. Biden. People who work all their lives for the rise of China (CCP). “

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