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US President Biden believes he may soon meet his Russian counterpart

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mr. Joe Biden at the time of US Vice President in Moscow, March 10, 2011. Photo: Reuters

According to Sputnik, speaking to a reporter at the White House on May 7, the US leader said: “That does not affect the desire to have a face-to-face meeting and if you pay attention, before that the number of Russian troops deployed closer to Ukraine, but now he has withdrawn. There is still a large amount, but compared to a month ago, the number has decreased significantly ”.

The White House boss also added that he wishes to meet with President Putin in June. “I am confident that we can do that. We do not have a specific meeting time and place yet. Those details are being discussed, ”said President Biden.

However, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she could not confirm that the two leaders will hold a summit next month. “A meeting has not been decided yet,” said the spokeswoman.

Ms. Psaki added that all bilateral issues are not necessarily resolved before the meeting. “Their invitations to discuss and meet are not given as a precondition that all issues need to be resolved first. Of course we will still have disagreements …”, the spokeswoman emphasized in news conference.

In April, tensions between Russia and the US escalated after the Joe Biden administration expelled Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions on Moscow’s involvement in the “SolarWinds” cyberattack. Russia, for its part, denied the allegations and responded by expelling staff in the US diplomatic missions by corresponding numbers.

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