US prepares Arctic exercises: Biden's new determination?

US prepares Arctic exercises: Biden’s new determination?

The Russian Embassy in the US recently commented on the Arctic Challenge exercise that the US is about to deploy in the Arctic with its allies.

My name is on Bac Cuc: What's the deal with Biden?
Exercises in the US challenge Russia to dominate the Arctic.

The agency called this “provocative activity”.

“The Arctic Challenge exercise with the participation of the US Air Force in Europe (USAFE) is provocative. It does not contribute to confidence-building in Europe. It differs from Washington’s claims. that no solution can replace the task of ensuring the sustainability and peaceful development of the Arctic region,” the embassy statement said on Twitter.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu noted that the United States is increasing the presence of warships in the Arctic.

According to him, the military-political situation in the region is increasingly complicated due to the competition of the world’s leading countries for access to resources and transportation routes in this region.

Russia is currently actively developing the Northern Fleet to strengthen its defense capabilities and protect its national interests, Shoigu stressed.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also expressed concern about the increased US military presence in the Arctic region, noting that Moscow supports the position that this place always retains the character of an area of ​​peaceful cooperation. jar.

Russia is investing heavily in development projects in the Arctic including energy and a unique inland sea route “North Sea Route” that is expected to reduce the load on the Suez Canal and increase development capacity. Russia’s energy sector.

The US has paid special attention to this maritime route. Under former President Donald Trump, officials in Washington were intent on pushing for the necessary measures to force Russia to share this sea route with the world. However, Washington has never pushed to realize this absurd idea.

My name is on Bac Cuc: What's the deal with Biden?
Will America under Biden challenge Russia’s North Sea route?

In April of this year, the Pentagon adopted an Arctic strategy update, after which the unclassified part of the document called Regain Dominion in the Arctic was released, identifying threats and key challenges at the moment, as well as a list of tasks and plans for the near future.

The Strategy for Regaining Arctic Dominance (“Regaining Arctic Dominance”) in the Arctic proposes to develop and improve the organizational structure and personnel in the Arctic, including the creation of new units. It is also necessary to increase the size of the groups of troops and strengthen them with the help of certain forces and means. Particular attention should be paid to preparing troops for operation in harsh climates. The main idea of ​​the strategy was to create a “multi-domain task force” (MDTF), similar in composition to a division that would be deployed in Alaska.

The exercise, held every two years with the participation of the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Air Forces, is one of the largest combat aviation exercises in Europe.

The US side participated in the exercise with a detachment of Marines consisting of ten F/A-18 Hornet multirole fighter jets carried by KC-130 aerial refueling aircraft and aircraft from the Air Transport Squadron. Navy No. 452 (VMGR-452) escort. About 250 marines will also be deployed to Finland.

The arrival of the above squadron to Finland is part of the defense cooperation program between Finland and the US.

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