US newspaper: Russia and Ukraine do not want to attack first

US newspaper: Russia and Ukraine do not want to attack first

“Although Moscow and Kiev have dragged powerful combat groups to the borders of the unrecognized republics of the Donbass, neither Russia nor Ukraine wants to attack first. The hostility will automatically find yourself at a disadvantage.

This is the opinion of expert Mark Episkopos, editor in charge of the column for the US National Interest magazine.

The American newspaper noted that the military deployment was certainly related to the aggravation of the situation in Donbass. Communication and artillery clashes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the positions of the People’s Militia, civil infrastructure and residential areas of separatist republics have become more frequent. significantly.

The event that happened to a 5-year-old boy who died in the attack of a Ukrainian drone caused a huge buzz. Perhaps the leaders of the DPR and LPR are also concerned about the development of the conflict with Ukraine into a hot period.

Bao My: Russia and Ukraine do not want to work before
The bombing raids are being regularly conducted by the Ukrainian Army in the East against the separatists

Against this backdrop, Russian and Ukrainian officials and journalists exchanged “jokes” and accused the opposition of planning aggression and provocation. Furthermore, both sides have begun talking about a possible direct military clash between the two countries’ regular armed forces.

Although US President Joe Biden has promised to assist Kiev in maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity, Washington is unlikely to be directly involved in the conflict.

This is well known, for example, by former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who began an unsuccessful adventure in South Ossetia in 2008, mistakenly expected Western help.

There is therefore a high possibility that nothing new can be expected in the conflict in Donbass or in Russian-Ukraine relations in the near future.

The US journalist’s argument seems interesting, the main meaning is that “Ukraine does not want to attack first”, despite the Kiev government allegedly preparing for a general offensive to take place at the beginning of May.

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