US newspaper: MiG-29 jet fighter has been 'buried' in Syria
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US newspaper: MiG-29 jet fighter has been ‘buried’ in Syria


US newspaper: MiG-29 jet fighter has been ‘buried’ in Syria



Nearly a decade of military activity with international sanctions has put fourth-generation MiG-29 fighter jets and other Syrian Air Force aircraft in bad condition, The Drive writes.

Weapons are one of the indispensable improvements to martial arts and military. Besides tactics, the number of weapons is said to have an important role when fighting in ancient times, especially in martial arts battles.

Accordingly, US publications pay attention to the videos published on 5-6 / 5 of the Ministry of Defense of Syria about MiG-29 fighters.

“Through the” abnormal “high-resolution images posted earlier, it is possible to see how these aircraft perform after years of conflict, punishment, and we feel that They look quite nice, ”the publication said.

However, The Drive also emphasized that the Syrian Air Force’s MiG-29 in the video looks pretty bad to be considered an expression of national pride and the main fighter in the Syrian Air Force today.

In the videos that MiG-29 appeared, it was clear that there were obvious scratches on the roof of the aircraft’s nose and some large scratches along the left fuselage just below the cockpit, the publication said.

In addition, the windshield of the aircraft looked discolored while the edges surrounding the canopy of the cockpit were scratched and very rough. At the same time, viewers can also observe the rust on the front of the left wing behind the firing port used to launch GSh-30-1 cannon mounted on the inner body. Many other parts of the aircraft also have significant corrosion.

The article also doubts the ability of the Syrian Air Force to maintain and properly operate MiG-29 fighters, as well as other aircraft.

Syrian Air Force MiG-29 fighter jet. (Photo cut from video).

Not only the MiG-29, other Syrian jets after nearly a decade of civil war and engagements with foreign military powers, such as the United States, Israel and most recently Turkey. cause skepticism about the quality.

According to Drive data, as of 2015, the Syrian Air Force had about 20 Su-24 frontline bombers; 50 Su-22 attack aircraft; 130 MiG-23s.

The largest figure in the Syrian Air Force is 160 MiG-21s (of which: 40 are for reconnaissance missions, 15 are for training, 105 are capable of attacking the ground); 40 MiG-29s, including 6 used for training; 38 MiG-25s, of which 8 were reconnaissance missions.

MiG-29 is a famous fighter line of Russia (Soviet Union) which is highly appreciated by Russian and Western military experts, especially in excellent maneuverability, great advantage when fighting around the pants at long distance near the. MiG-29 fighter jet developed by Mikoyan (Soviet) design bureau in the mid-1970s.

The MiG-29 twin-engine fighter (NATO designation: Fulcrum) is considered to be one of the world’s most versatile and close-range aircraft fighters. The MiG-29 has a maximum speed of up to 2,400 km / h (2.25 times the speed of sound), a ceiling of 18,000 m, a range of 1,430 km. The basic MiG-29 is equipped with a GSh-30-1 30 mm cannon, 7 arms and fuel tank mounts, carrying up to 3.5 tons of weapons including R-27 air-to-air missiles and R-73 as well as many bombs and rockets.

According to Thanh Binh / Infonet


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