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US-Iran tensions: Signs of & # 039; cooling off & # 039; from Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks in Tehran. Photo: IRNA / TTXVN

At a meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Qatari King Sheikh Al-Thani visiting Tehran, the two sides agreed that de-escalation was the "only solution" to the regional crisis.

Speaking after the meeting, King Al-Thani said: "We agreed that the only solution to the current crises is to (all parties) reduce stress escalation and (move forward) on phone".

For his part, President Rouhani said: "We have agreed to conduct further consultations and cooperation for regional security."

Qatar is home to the largest US military base in the Gulf, but also has close ties with Iran, which shares the world & # 039; s largest gas field with Qatar. This is Al-Thani & # 039; s first official visit to Iran.

On the same day, at the reception of King Al-Thani, Iranian Cardinal Ali Khamenei called for regional cooperation to resolve current issues. Mr. Khamenei stated: "The current situation in the region more than ever requires countries to strengthen relations as well as avoid foreign influence … the only solution to resolve the situation is based on cooperation. Interregional."

In a related development, US President Donald Trump said on the same day he was "unconcerned" about whether Iran agreed to a dialogue with the US, after US national security adviser Robert O & # 039; Brien suggested that Iran There will be no choice but to agree to the conversation.

Earlier, in an interview with the press, Mr. O & # 039; Brien affirmed that the "maximum pressure policy" of the Trump administration is taking effect, and emphasized that "Iran will have no choice. The other is going to the negotiating table".

And US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said President Donald Trump was still willing to "sit down and discuss unconditionally a new outlet" with Iran.

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