US hot action, F-35A Lighitning II went to war

US hot action, F-35A Lighitning II went to war

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                        American fighters have been deployed from Al-Dhafra air base to attack Iran.

On January 8, Reuters quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying that the missile was launched from Iran targeting US forces and alliances in Iraq.

“Obviously these missiles are launched from Iran, we are assessing the initial damage. Iran has launched about 10 ballistic missiles at US forces and the alliance in Iraq,” the Pentagon said.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham revealed President Donald Trump was reported on the incident and is watching the situation.

“We know of information on attacks on US facilities in Iraq. The president is reported and is closely monitoring the situation, and in consultation with the national security team,” Grisham said.

My hotbed, F-35A Lighitning II appeared

In a related development, SF on January 8 quoted the source as saying that US warplanes were mobilized from Al-Dhafra Air Base (in the United Arab Emirates) to attack. Iran.

According to reports from local sources and the media, the group of fighters deployed by the US has up to 6 F-35A Lightning II fighters of the US Air Force.

Fighters left the UAE just minutes after US military facilities in Iraq were hit by missiles from Iran. According to sources in Syria, the US Air Force is active in Iraqi territory and Syria’s Deir Ezzor province (near the Iraqi border).

Observers said that the US will likely launch counter-attacks against Iranian positions in accordance with President Donald Trump’s statement.

Specifically, on January 4, the US President announced that Iran was raising his voice about targeting some US assets in retaliation for Soleimani’s death. Trump said the United States had also targeted 52 Iranian locations and some of them were high-level and very important for Iran and its culture.

“Those targets, and also Iran, will be attacked very quickly and strongly,” Trump wrote on his personal page.

French news agency quoted information from the National Television Iran said that the attack with dozens of rockets targeting Iraqi air base Ain Assad at dawn on January 8 was Tehran’s response after the US incident. launch air campaign to kill General Qassem Soleimani of Iran.

Iran’s IRNA news agency also issued a deterrent warning to the US and its regional allies about their intention to respond (if any) to this attack.

“We warn all US allies who have sent their terrorist troops to the garrison, that any territory that is the trigger of aggression against Iran will be attacked,” IRNA statement stated.

The US initially used the Ain Assad base during the 2003 invasion of Iraq to oust the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, accused by the US of being dictatorial. Then the US sent troops to garrison there during the operation of the campaign against the Islamic State self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

Iran’s state broadcaster called the campaign to attack Ain Assad air base called “Martyr Soleiman”, the word “Martyr” refers to a martyr (martyr), who died for the cause.

According to the station, the attack was carried out by the Space Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, which controls Iran’s missile program.

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