US-France pressure increases, Germany steadfast with Nord Stream 2?

US-France pressure increases, Germany steadfast with Nord Stream 2?

On January 31, the Paris government announced its intention to expand anti-Russia sanctions on the fact that Moscow’s government “arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny”.

According to French Foreign Minister Clément Beaune’s statement on France Inter radio, he said that countries in the European Union need to expand sanctions against Russia. Currently, the EU “is considering a plan” to expand sanctions with “Northern Flow-2”.

The head of the French foreign agency also revealed that the European Union has great doubts about the project in the current context.

Meanwhile, the new US administration of Joe Biden has also announced that it will not lift sanctions on companies involved in the Nord Stream-2 project and will not amend previous measures. applied by the predecessor Donald Trump administration.

My-Phap is fast, your relationship with Nord Stream 2?
Germany has declared not to abandon the Nord Stream 2 project

At the end of January, the new US President Joe Biden also held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which mentioned the issue of stopping the construction of Nord Stream 2. The US announced its willingness to hold talks to to resolve the current issue between the two parties.

However, the Washington administration also emphasized that, the general direction of the US energy policy will not change, the view of the new US President Joe Biden will not be much different from that of his predecessor Donald Trump. .

The Paris government’s demand for an end to the construction of the “Nord Stream 2” (Nord Stream 2) is unfounded and false – said Klaus Ernst, head of the German Parliament’s Committee for Economy and Energy ( Bundestag) announced to reporters on February 1.

“The request of the French Government to terminate the construction of the” Northern – 2 flow “pipeline is unfounded and false. The suspension of an approved project will put a heavy burden on gas users and taxpayers in Germany, in relation to higher gas prices and compensation for already made investments ”- Mr. Ernst said.

The Bundestag’s head of the Economic and Energy Commission added that, even if the allegations made by the US and European countries against Russia are true, German taxpayers have no reason to responsible for the “behavior of Russia”.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also confirmed yesterday that the Berlin government will not change its position on the issue of building “Northern Flow-2”, similar to the issue of admitting Georgia and Ukraine. membership of NATO.

From Berlin’s point of view, Nord Stream 2 must be completed, as it caters to the energy needs of both Germany and Europe, including in meeting environmental targets in Germany and the EU, and without any impact on German policymaking.

Prior to that, Berlin officials also pointed out the hypocrisy of the US when it banned its allies from buying Russian gas, while the country still spends several tens of billions of dollars annually on buying crude oil, liquefied natural gas, and engines Space boosters, titanium alloy … of Russia.

If the United States stops these actions, then it will be eligible to preach morality to allies.

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