US Defense Secretary: We are watching China "very carefully"
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US Defense Secretary: We are watching China “very carefully”

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Friday that the United States is watching China.very careful”.

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Mr. Esper told radio host Hugh Hewitt that the current era is characterized by the competition between superpowers that the biggest US competitor is China.

My challenge is to execute the strategy and turn the axis towards China and make sure we can handle that. We need to avoid a hot war with China, but at the same time, we support our values, we support the order based on international law and we support the things Americans appreciate. precious”Said Mr. Esper.

Last week, a newspaper in the Communist Party of China published an article quoting a Chinese expert’s speech saying that the military exercises were “can be converted into military action at any time“If Taiwanese officials try to secede from China.

Answering the host’s question as to whether such a Chinese act is to wage war, Mr. Esper said: “See, we watch China very carefully. They should be cautious about what they do. We take all sorts of military actions like this very seriously”.

And I am confident that the United States will support our allies and partners and we will protect order based on international law. We have the most powerful army in the world and certainly our Navy is the most powerful that has been proven in our history. We will protect our allies and partners”Mr. Esper added.

The US Secretary of Defense then again emphasized that the US will “protect our allies”.

The United States does not have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but has always been a strong supporter of this democratic island nation under the Taiwan Relations Act 1979. The United States is also the country that provides the most weapons to Taiwan. Most recently, the US Department of State has approved a $ 180 million sale of 10 modern torpedoes and other related equipment to Taiwan.

US officials have recently called together countries that support Taiwan to become a full member of the World Health Organization (WHO). China and some of its communist allies have repeatedly prevented Taiwan from joining WHO, including as observers.

The above statement by Secretary Esper came after the Trump administration published a 16-page report to the US Congress on the strategic approach to the People’s Republic of China. In this report, Washington outlined many bad practices of the Chinese Communist Party, including aggressive actions “provocative and coerciveNeighboring countries in the East Sea and Strait of Taiwan.

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