US continues to 'steal' oil and wheat in Eastern Syria

US continues to ‘steal’ oil and wheat in Eastern Syria

American oil tanker from al-Hasakah to Iraq

According to sources in local Syrian media, the United States and its Kurdish allies in Syria have taken control of large swaths of eastern Syria, which contains most of the country’s oil and gas resources and is the breadbasket. the country’s greatest tradition

The “stealing” of these resources by the US and its Kurdish allies has forced Syria’s allies Russia and Iran to provide the country with emergency food and fuel aid.

Syria’s state news agency SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) on July 4 alleged that the US’s looting of resources in eastern Syria seems to continue unabated. Yesterday, more than 45 trucks carrying wheat and crude oil left the Rmelan area in the northeastern province of al-Hasakah for al-Waleed’s unofficial border crossing with Iraq.

SANA said local sources from the village of al-Swaidiyeh told the news agency that the convoy consisted of 45 trucks and oil tankers. At the same time, another convoy of 27 vehicles loaded with supplies and equipment passed the same route and arrived in Rmelan to support the American forces stationed there.

The news comes less than 24 hours after an event of a similar nature, when 37 oil tankers were illegally pumped from the Jazira area (One of the 3 self-declared autonomous regions of the Kurds, located in the province of Jazira). al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria) and several trucks and refrigerated trucks carrying goods of unknown origin appeared on the way to cross the border in al-Waleed.

According to SANA sources, many of the tankers are equipped with large covered tanks and the convoy is accompanied by armored support vehicles armed with machine guns, which are believed to belong to the Syrian Democratic Forces (Syrian Democratic Forces). SDF) – A predominantly Kurdish militia that is an ally of the United States, effectively controls much of eastern Syria.

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Armored vehicles of the US Army patrolling to protect (illegally) Syrian oil fields

The reported transfers of resources and equipment come amid Washington’s warning late last month to US allies in the Middle East to think “very carefully” about any normalization plans. relations with Syria and threatens them with restrictions of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019, which allows the United States to sanction any country or business that is in line with the law. cooperation with the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The US illegally controls 90% of Syria’s oil

On the verge of collapse in the mid-2010s as a result of a foreign-supported and fueled civil war, the Damascus government, with military support and advice from Russia, Iran and civilian Lebanon’s Hezbollah, has managed to hit back and eliminate tens of thousands of jihadists and rebels operating across the country.

However, efforts to unify and rebuild the country have been complicated when from 2017 onward, the US and the SDF occupied large swaths of eastern Syria, including much of al-Hasakah province, Raqqa province and half of Deir Ezzor province, along with a small part of Homs province.

Washington has used its control of these areas combined with sanctions to achieve the goal of paralyzing Damascus and using war to undermine reconstruction.

Syrian media reports weekly and sometimes daily about the smuggling of dozens of trucks laden with oil and grain to Iraqi territory. In March, Syrian Oil Minister Bassam Touma estimated that up to 90% of Syria’s oil resources are under the control of the United States and its allies.

I continue to 'another' first and foremost in Dong Syria
Workers repair the pipeline of an oil well at a Kurdish-controlled oil field, in Rmeilan, Hassakeh province, Syria – March 27, 2018

Before the Syrian conflict began in 2011, the Middle Eastern country was self-sufficient in both food and energy. Today, under US pressure, Syria is forced to depend on emergency food and oil aid from its Russian and Iranian partners.

Moreover, Iran’s oil deliveries become even more burdensome when repeatedly caused by Israeli sabotage attacks at sea.

If in the past, President Donald Trump openly bragged about “taking” and “holding” Syria’s oil, to the horror of the US mainstream media out of concern that his comments could make the US Charged with looting under international law, Biden administration officials sought to deflect public opinion about the Syrian occupation and tried to deny the fact that the U.S. military was directly involved. guarding occupied oil wells.

Instead, they said, US troops were in the country to prevent the re-unification of the Islamic State (IS), a terrorist group that Damascus regularly accuses Washington of supporting. In 2019, President Assad admitted to being a bit surprised by Trump, as at least the US President has been “transparent” when it comes to Washington’s malicious intentions towards his country.

Last month, during a visit to an industrial zone outside the capital, Damascus, Assad expressed confidence that Syria would eventually be able to overcome the impact of the Western economic blockade and restore its public infrastructure. industry of the country, despite the current difficulties.

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