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US Congressmen want to investigate, punish, and confiscate Chinese assets

A number of Republican Senators are planning to confront China because of the regime’s delay, concealment and suppression of important information leading to the global corona virus pandemic. Many options are being discussed, in which parliamentarians take into account “empower American courts to confiscate Chinese government assets“Once the investigation”confirm the damage China has done to the US and the world”.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has directly asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to delay the release of information regarding the corona virus, according to a German intelligence report. Xi met with WHO Director-General Tedros on January 21 to ask the World Health Organization to keep the information private and delay the announcement of the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic, Der Spiegel reported on August 8. / 5.

Senator Ted Cruz told the Daily Caller: “We now know that the top-level leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have been actively hiding the corona virus from the world, silencing people who try to sound the alarm bells to stop the global pandemic and save lives. Next week, I will introduce the 2020 Act on Ending Censorship and Medical Concealment in China. This is just one of the legal steps I’m taking to hold Chinese officials involved in medical censorship accountable directly.”.

The bill that Senator Cruz mentioned above will impose strong sanctions on people involved in postponing criticisms of the Chinese government and those involved in:

  • Prohibit, restrict or punish citizens of the People’s Republic of China to practice freedom of expression or freedom of assembly, including acts of prohibition, restriction or punishment related to the use of communal media networks festival;
  • Punishing citizens of the People’s Republic of China for spreading publicly accurate epidemiological information, including information related to outbreaks of epidemics or pathogens; or
  • Limit access to print, television, electronic, or social media networks.

Senator Steve Daines expressed homosexuality with Sen. Cruz’s opinion. Daines told the Daily Caller: “The Chinese communist government is responsible for their reckless concealment of the corona virus outbreak. I’m working on some bills to put pressure on them and I will continue to fight to make sure we put maximum pressure on China.”.

Mr. Daines has also repeatedly criticized China. He also sent a letter to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in early April requesting an investigation into China’s role in the corona virus epidemic.

Senator Josh Hawley told the Daily Caller that “The United States should lead an international investigation to determine exactly how the Chinese Communist Party has allowed the transfer of the corona virus from a local epidemic to a global pandemic. And this investigation should clearly identify the losses that China owes to the US and the world. ”.

Mr. Hawley later said that the US should “use all available measures to hold Beijing accountable”.

Such measures include empowering American victims to sue the Chinese government and allowing US courts to confiscate Chinese government assets. That means any other necessary measures can be used to ensure that the Chinese Communist Party pays for the pain and hardship suffered by the victims as a result of the lies. and deception of the Chinese Communist Party”, Mr. Hawley said.

Senator Rick Scott told the Daily Caller that “The US is engaged in a New Cold War with the Communist Chinese state, and the Chinese Communist Party has decided to use corona virus to gain advantage.”.

One day we will be well aware of the devastating scale caused by the Communist China, but now we all must act to hold them accountable and financially compensate for the damage they have done. cause. I am working with my legislative colleagues to hold China accountable, and I encourage every American to stand up and put American interests first by buying American-made goods. when possible, ”Said Rick Scott.

Sen. Marco Rubio shared his concerns with the Daily Caller. He agreed with other senators that China was hiding important information related to the corona virus. Rubio also said that one way to hold China accountable is to shift the US supply chain to avoid becoming heavily dependent on China.

The Chinese Communist Party has concealed the corona virus outbreak, forced medical experts such as the late Dr. Li Wenliang to silence, lie about the number of cases, and keep the virus information from the public private. world. One way to hold China accountable is to do what we should have done a long time ago, namely shifting our supply chains and manufacturing facilities to reduce our dependence on China.Rubio said.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith told the Daily Caller: “There is growing evidence that China has not acted as a responsible member of the international community. That reinforces the imposition of sanctions and other sanctions. I think it also helps many of us believe that President Trump and Congress should act to hold China and WHO accountable for the actions or inactions that led to the COVID-19 pandemic.”.

Meanwhile, Republican Representatives in the House of Representatives on Thursday announced the establishment of a special task force to learn about Chinese allegations of concealing and mishandling of the corona virus pandemic. .

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul told the Daily Caller: “Our missions and goals are numerous. One is, [chúng ta] To the end of what happened, we need to know the origin of COVID-19, how this disease happened so we can stop it from happening again. We will have high-level secret meetings to find out the truth about what happened and hold China and the Chinese Communist Party responsible for what they did. We really know that this virus comes from Wuhan”.

The Senate is returning to discussions and working with the White House on passing more laws in an effort to support the fight against corona virus and help workers across the United States to overcome this difficult period.

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