US Congressman introduces the bill to end the "one China" policy

US Congressman introduces the bill to end the “one China” policy

Republican MPs Tom Tiffany (Wisconsin) and Scott Perry (Pennsylvania) on Monday introduced a bill calling for the US to end its “one China” policy, resuming official relations with Taiwan. , and began negotiations on a US-Taiwan free trade agreement.

US-Taiwan relations (Image: Novikov Aleksey / Shutterstock)

In a press release published on Monday, Mr. Tiffany said that US presidents for the past four decades had “repeated Beijing’s bogus lie that Taiwan is part of Communist China. – although objective reality is not. ” He declared that the time had come to “get rid of this outdated policy.”

For his part, Mr. Perry pointed out that the United States is an independent country and is “proud to cooperate” with Taiwan on many issues. He asserted that it was “too long” for the United States to exercise its right as a sovereign state to “declare what the world knew was right: Taiwan was an independent nation for more than 70 years. last year. “

Mr. Tiffany pointed out that before 1979, the United States and Taiwan maintained normal and friendly diplomatic relations. However, then President Jimmy Carter severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan “without legislative approval” and instead chose to recognize the communist regime in Beijing.

The Wisconsin congressman noted that Congress subsequently passed the “Taiwan Relations Act” as the foundation of US-Taiwan economic and cultural relations, and allowed the US to sell weapons to Taiwan. Former President Ronald Reagan subsequently “upgraded relations” by issuing “Six Assurances.”

Despite these measures, the United States still does not officially recognize Taiwan. Mr. Tiffany thinks the US is “Inexplicable treatment” to Taiwan’s democratically elected government, the same way it deals with “brutal regimes” in Korea and Iran.

In July 2020, Mr. Tiffany proposed an amendment to the defense spending bill calling for an end to restrictions on communication between US and Taiwanese officials. In January of this year, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo removed a set of “guidelines” governing interactions between the two countries that had existed since diplomatic relations were severed in 1979.

In a November interview, Pompeo also emphasized that the United States has recognized Taiwan as a separate entity from China for more than 35 years – since the Reagan administration. He said both Democrats and Republicans took a similar stance on the topic and agreed to defend Taiwan’s democracy.

Mr. Tiffany affirmed: “America does not need a license from the Communist Party of China to speak with their friends and partners around the world.” He added that the time had come for US policy to reflect that fact “Taiwan is a free, democratic and independent country.”

He said the bill would also call for talks with Taiwan on the drafting of the US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement. Previously, this Republican congressman made a similar proposal to restore official relations, cancel the “one China” policy and implement a trade deal last September.


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