US companies want the government to reduce the ban on Huawei

US companies want the government to reduce the ban on Huawei

Huawei is not the only party suffered from being blacklisted. The chip manufacturing and technology supply companies for the Chinese group will also face economic problems and are waiting for the US government to ease the ban.

High-ranking officials at Intel and Xilinx had a meeting with the Ministry of Commerce late last month to discuss Huawei's issue, when the US government prevented domestic corporations from working with Huawei without it. official license.

Qualcomm also went to the Ministry of Commerce to discuss the event. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) trade group confirmed that it helped arrange meetings between companies and the US government.

Companies deny that the use of Huawei technology on the 5G network could pose a threat to national security, but they argue that Huawei smartphones and servers with common components are unlikely to be available. have similar risks.

"This is not meant to help Huawei, but to harm US companies."

Reuters said that of the $ 70 billion that Huawei has spent to buy components in 2018, US $ 11 billion has come to US corporations. Only Broadcom It also warned that tensions between the US and China as well as the ban with Huawei will cause the company to lose $ 2 billion this year.

Each representative of the Ministry of Commerce said they frequently answered questions from companies regarding the scope of legal requirements, and these discussions did not affect law enforcement actions.

Huawei itself is feeling the consequences of a trade ban. Recently, the company had to postpone the release of the new MateBook laptop indefinitely, while Bloomberg reported that it is preparing to reduce 40% to 60% of international smartphone shipments.

The grim situation for Huawei when the Honor 20, set to debut in the UK and France on June 21, may stop shipping soon after its release. With the number of consumers worried about the phone will soon be unable to receive Android operating system and application updates, Huawei's smartphone array sales in the future are really gloomy.


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