US attacks Iranian military base in Salihiya?

(News 24h)
                        US Air Force fighters attacked Iranian military base in Salihiya, a location near the Syrian city of Abu Kemal.

Regional media reported that US Air Force fighters launched a series of attacks on Iranian Army bases and pro-Iranian armed forces in Syria.

According to the report, a military base in the Salihiya area – the location near the city of Abu Kemal has recorded at least four major explosions.

Shehab news agency added that the US air strikes were launched around midnight, the action was supposed to retaliate against some Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard units and loyal forces of the country, when they recently harmed American soldiers.

Data on physical damage as well as casualties after the air raid have not been released by Iran.

However, this is a serious escalation, especially when the Iraqi congress prohibits the United States from using its airspace to attack neighboring territories such as Syria.

My tan office needs Iranian officials in Salihiya?
US fighter planes destroyed an Iranian Revolutionary Guard base in Syria

Experts note that US attacks on Iranian military positions create more tension, while the likelihood that Iran will actually attack U.S. military bases in the Middle East is still very large. .

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