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US Ambassador to Vietnam: The East Sea policy continues after the election | World

In the interview Tien Phong On September 3, US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink affirmed that the United States has long been a powerhouse in the Indo-Pacific region, and that recent US moves are the way Washington continues and corrects itself. books have been around for a long time.

“There is a big change that has occurred in the South China Sea since 2013, which is that China increasingly increases its illegal, aggressive, and provocative behavior to coerce and bully neighboring countries, forcing them must accept Beijing’s expansionist demands. This is why we take those steps, ”said Ambassador Kritenbrink.

Explaining the punishment of 24 Chinese companies and individuals involved in the construction and militarization of islands in the South China Sea, Ambassador Kritenbrink said the US wanted to make it clear that the United States strongly supports international law. , especially international law at sea, in particular the East Sea; and that all countries, large or small, must comply with international law, behave according to the law and not engage in acts of bullying or coercion.

The US Ambassador said that over the past three months, the US has taken some important steps to further demonstrate its commitment to the principles of international law, to maintain stability and freedom of law. maritime has been around for a long time. That was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ‘s statement in July against the South China Sea, based on the 2016 Arbitral Tribunal’s ruling.

US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink in an interview with PV Tien Phong on September 3. Photo: Hoang Manh Thang

Then, to show more clearly that the United States will take practical steps to force countries that act against that principle to pay the price, on August 26, the US announced two steps: visa restriction for with a number of Chinese individuals playing a role in the accretion and construction of artificial islands, militarization of structures in the East Sea; added 24 Chinese state-owned enterprises to the US Commerce Department’s Entity List, including many members of the China Communication Construction Company (CCCC). That means any business or individual wishing to do business with this company in the US would have to apply for an export license. This move will limit the operations of those companies, and their reputation will suffer.

Vietnam-US security cooperation will expand

Regarding Vietnam-US cooperation, Ambassador Kritenbrink affirmed that the two countries’ relations are developing in almost all fields. The two sides work together on many issues, from North Korea and the South China Sea to capacity building for Vietnam.

The US Ambassador said that the two countries have similar interests in defense and security. The US and Vietnam both want peace, stability and prosperity in the region; All countries, large or small, behave according to their laws and comply with international law, countries that do not bully or coerce other countries; freedom of navigation and overflight in areas, including the East Sea.

The Ambassador said that the cooperation activities of the two sides have achieved many progresses. Since 2009, the US has provided Vietnam with 400 million USD to build capacity, especially the Vietnam Coast Guard.

“I think this is an investment for a strong and independent Vietnam. A strong, independent and prosperous Vietnam is very beneficial for the US and the entire region, ”said the Ambassador.

He emphasized that only during his time as ambassador in Vietnam, there were 3 visits of the US defense minister to Vietnam; two US carrier visits to Vietnam.

Ambassador Kritenbrink said that Vietnam-US security cooperation will continue to develop and be strengthened in the coming time, expanding into new areas, possibly defense trade and information exchange.


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