US Ambassador to China resigns
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US Ambassador to China resigns

After more than three years in Beijing, Ambassador Terry Branstad will resign and leave the Chinese capital ahead of the US presidential election next November.

Information on CNN published today (September 14), citing a source of knowledge.

Ambassador Terry Branstad. Photo: Association of Republican Governors

The new move comes as tensions between the US and China have increased in many areas. On September 11, the Beijing government announced it would impose some limits on senior US diplomats after Washington implemented a similar measure against Chinese diplomatic missions on Tuesday. 9.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the same day on September 14 on Twitter to thank Ambassador Branstad for his contributions to the American people as ambassador.

Mr. Pompeo wrote: “The President (Donald Trump) chose ambassador Branstad because his decades of experience working with China made him the most suitable person to represent the Government and defend interests and reasons. American thought in this important relationship “.

The head of the US State Department did not say why Ambassador Branstad resigned, nor did he reveal who would take over this important position.

According to CNN, Branstad was one of the first ambassadors appointed by President Trump after his election in 2016. At that time, the US leader explained that he chose the governor of Iowa because of his experience in the fields of public policy, trade and agriculture as well as “long-term relationship with President (China) Xi Jinping”. Mr. Branstad has known Mr. Xi since 1985 through exchanges between the two governments.

Beijing initially welcomed this option, and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang praised him as “an old friend of the Chinese people”.

However, Branstad has seen many of the toughest phases in the bilateral relationship. After he took over the job, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of imports from China during a protracted trade war. Washington also banned many Chinese tech firms like Huawei from US telecom infrastructure and tightened visas for Chinese journalists working in the United States.

On 9/9, the People’s Daily of China refused to publish an article in the opinion of Ambassador Branstad regarding the imbalance in US-China relations. The article emphasizes the discrimination of companies, journalists and diplomats in China.

After refusing to post, the People’s Daily stated that it had the right to decide what to publish and how it was necessary to fix it.

Thanh Hao

Using the tough old technique with China, Mr. Trump easily lost to his opponent?

Using the tough old technique with China, Mr. Trump easily lost to his opponent?

The US President is reviving the Chinese offensive tactics he used in 2016. However, this could leave him out of position against rival Joe Biden.

China announced a blow to retaliate against US diplomats

China announced a blow to retaliate against US diplomats

Beijing vowed to impose sanctions on US diplomats working in China, including in Hong Kong, in retaliation for Washington’s imposition of restrictions on the mainland’s diplomatic representatives on American soil.


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