Urus super SUV “burden team” for Lamborghini reached a record of unprecedented sales in history

Like many other brands, the beginning of the new year is the time for Lamborghini to announce its results during the previous year. The arrival of Urus in 2018 has brought extremely positive signs. Therefore, 2019 is expected to continue that success. According to the announcement from Lamborghini, this brand has reached 8000 cars in the past year, namely 8205 cars, corresponding to a 43% increase. At the same time, 2019 is also the 9th consecutive year of growth for Lamborghini.

Urus super SUV

Of these, Urus alone contributed nearly 5,000 units (a growth of 182%). That said, to see how big this SUV’s influence on Lamborghini is. Last year, Urus also accounted for nearly 30% of Lamborghini’s sales even though it only docked dealers in the second half of the year. With an outstanding performance in 2019, Urus also usurped Huracan to become the most sensitive product of Italian war bulls in a fiscal year.

The V10 and V12 models also have good sales despite the cooling down compared to 2018. Specifically, the Aventador line reached 1104 sales and the Huracan was 2139 units, corresponding to the corresponding reduction of 8.7%. and 23% compared to 2018. Despite a sharp decline in sales, Huracan still managed to overtake Gallardo to become the most successful product in Lamborghini’s history. If Gallardo takes 10 years to reach 14,000 cars, this V10 supercar only needs 5 years.

Despite the unfavorable situation in 2019, Huracan is still not old enough and can serve a few more years. Therefore, the achievement of this car can be extended further, breaking a deep record of its predecessor. Currently, Lamborghini owns a distribution network of 165 dealers spread across 51 countries. Last year, the brand’s sales in three main regions: the Americas, Europe – the Middle East – Africa (EMEA) and Asia – TBD have made very strong strides in the past year. Leading is EMEA with 3206 vehicles (+ 28%), followed by the Americas with 2837 vehicles (+ 45%) and Asia – TBD with 2162 vehicles (+ 66%).

On a single market basis, the United States remains the leader in demand for Lamborghini cars with 2374 units sold in 2019. Immediately behind is China (including Hong Kong and Macau). with a total achievement of 770 vehicles. Next are the UK (658 cars), Germany (562 cars), the Middle East (387 cars), Canada (376 cars) and Italy (370 cars). These markets all witnessed strong growth and set new milestones.

Not only successful in terms of sales, 2019 is also a record year for the number of visitors to Mudetec museum with more than 112,000 people. On the track, the Squadra Corsa division has also brought some titles to Lamborghini. Prominent among these are the championships at Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 24 Hours.
Like every year, 2019 also sees the appearance of a series of new models. These include Huracan EVO, Huracan EVO Spyder, Aventador SVJ Roadster or SVJ 63 Roadster. In particular, Lamborghini also marked a historic event when launching the first electrified car called the Sian FKP 37. One of the highlights on this car lies in supercapacitor technology, the first appearance. on an electrified vehicle.

Based on the official announcement from Lamborghini, the company will continue to promote the electrification in 2020. Specifically, Lamborghini has decided to develop hybrid variants for all next-generation models. Recently, an information has mentioned that Lamborghini is developing a hybrid version of the Urus super SUV with the hardware system shared with many other hybrid models in the VW AG family, such as the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid or Porsche. Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. In addition, the Lamborghini statement mentions that the company will continue to focus on its personalization strategy in 2020. It is worth noting that Lamborghini will not be present at the Geneva Motor Show in March. With this momentum, Lamborghini sales will continue to increase in the coming years. Last year, the CEO of the brand revealed that he wanted to limit Lamborghini sales to 10,000 units per year. The reason given is because Lamborghini’s cars need to ensure their exclusivity.


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