Urgency to obtain bail A conspirator ready to shut down his social networks

Urgency to obtain bail A conspirator ready to shut down his social networks

A leader of the movement against health measures has said he is ready to disconnect from all social networks, if this allows him to be released to go and prune apple trees in an orchard.

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“The pruning of apple trees is crucial for the season! “Mario Roy launched on Friday in an attempt to demonstrate the urgency of obtaining a deposit.

For seven weeks, the 49-year-old conspirator has been detained at the Montreal Detention Facility, in connection with charges of harassment and intimidation against a lawyer of the Barreau du Québec. He had tried to get bail to go apple picking, but a judge had determined that he should instead remain in detention pending trial.

“I have ice cider in preparation, I’m going to lose everything,” he argued.

A few weeks ago, he even showed signs that he was ready to put aside his activism against sanitary measures, in order to devote himself to his new vocation, which is to take care of an orchard in Wickham. , in Center-du-Québec.

“I have been working there full time since December 2019 and I remain there to ensure its safety,” he said in a sworn statement presented to the Montreal courthouse on Friday.

Ready to submit

Despite a first setback in court, Roy did not give up hope of being released. That’s why he filed for a bail review on Friday. And as a guarantee that he will not cause disturbances for justice, he has proposed a series of conditions that he says he is ready to respect.

“He undertakes to deactivate all his accounts on social networks for the duration of the proceedings and obviously not to open others,” said his lawyer Me Clemente Monterosso in the request.

At no time has he mentioned those who follow him on the internet and listen to his words.

Roy also agrees to no longer mention the name of the lawyer he allegedly intimidated, to stay in Quebec and to post a deposit of $ 5,000.

“He undertakes to respect the institutions and the authority of the courts and to cooperate in the sound administration of the case”, added the lawyer.

This condition is all the more telling as recently, Roy was convicted in civil contempt of court, for having violated an order forbidding him to perform acts reserved for lawyers.

In his interest

Convinced of the merits of his request, Roy hoped to be heard in the coming days. However, given the expected duration of the hearing, it will not be heard until the end of the month.

Dissatisfied, he repeated that he “would like” to be heard more quickly, but Judge Catherine Perreault explained to him that it was neither possible nor in his interest.

“I understand the situation, but the defense must be able to present full evidence,” she said, explaining that only then can a judge take the time to hear her.


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