Upload photos to photobucket, post animations on photobucket

Upload photos to photobucket, post animations on photobucket

Uploading photos to photobucket.com, or posting photos on photobucket to share with friends through forums or posting on websites is very handy, especially posting animated pictures on facebook. The following article Taimienphi will guide you how to do it, please follow our reference

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Some sites or forums do not allow you to upload images directly, but through another website. Here, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to use photobucket.com to help you upload your photos or post them on the internet.

Upload photos to photobucket, post animations on photobucket

Create Account

Step 1: Visit photobucket.com. You can use your facebook account to login. Here we will guide you how to create a new account without using the facebook account, click Sign up

you are on the photobucket

Step 2: Here you enter your information.

– Email: Enter your email address (See how Sign up for gmail if you don’t have an account)
– Username: Your username
– Password: Password to login
– Birth Date: Enter your date of birth
– Gender
– Zip code: In this box you can enter any 5-digit number, possibly to 12345
– Check the item I’m not a robot, then choose the right image
Click to select “Create Account” to create an account.

how to make him go to the photobucket

Upload photos to photobucket.com

Step 1: After creating an account successfully you proceed to upload photos, log in with the account just created above

Upload him to the photobucket

Step 2: Create Photo Album for easy management by clicking “Create New Album”

cach up you to the photobucket

Step 3: Here you enter your album information

– Album Name: Name of the album
– Description: Description of the album
– Public Setting: Here you can set up security for albums like public or set a password …
Then click “Create” to create

post you len photobucket

Step 4: After creating, you select the album to upload photos to, here I set it as Taimienphi. Select a tab “Computer” to upload photos from your computer to photobucket.com

post you len photobucket

Step 5: Click select “Choose photos & video” Or you can use drag and drop pictures from your computer to upload photos.

Directly upload him to the photobucket

Step 6: After uploading photos, you can review the uploaded images in your album with View Uploads, or share the album with

Share album, or edit album with Edit photo here.

Upload him to the photobucket

So with the above article we guide you how to create an account and Upload photos to photobucket.com to share with friends or post on websites, forums … pictures of accounting software, management … quickly.

Also you can refer to how post gif image on facebook through photobucket.com that ElectrodealPro introduced to have the most unique animations to share with friends.


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