Uplay Plus officially revealed the list of games "set foot" on the service

Uplay Plus officially revealed the list of games "set foot" on the service

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Uplay Plus, a monthly paid service that is about to be released by Ubisoft on PC and has revealed a list of titles that will participate in this game rental model.

At the 2019 E3 event, Ubisoft said it will release its own game rental service in the second half of the year with the name Uplay Plus. Recently, this "giant" also revealed all the games that will be available in this service when officially released.

This service will include more than 100 different names from Ubisoft, it can be said that almost all the games have been released by the company. From the titles Assassin’s Creed has been released in the past until games will be released soon Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Gods & Monsters, Uplay Plus will bring an extremely integrity experience if you are interested in Ubisoft.

Not only that, the titles are in Uplay Plus Not only includes original games, but some are also equipped with the most complete versions, bringing the entire DLC package, expansion pack and other content packages such as Rainbow Six Siege with copy Ultimate Year Four Edition allows to own all Operators …

Currently, Ubisoft said that this list may be changed when it is officially released, different regions may also experience different titles.

Now, you can sign up for a free trial within a month when this service launches.

Uplay Plus is expected to be officially released on September 3 and will be exclusive on PC. This service will allow you to download any game on the list to your device for $ 14.99 a month.

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