Upgrade the camera firmware on Samsung Galaxy Android phones
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Upgrade the camera firmware on Samsung Galaxy Android phones

QuanTriMang – Android is one of the mobile operating systems that has attracted the most attention from the user community today, but it seems that manufacturers spend too much time developing and adding applications for the product. And Samsung is no exception, when you buy a new phone does not mean everything is complete. For current smartphones, the firmware upgrade is essential to ensure the stability of the system. In the following article, we will present some basic steps to upgrade and update the camera firmware on Samsung Galaxy Android phones.

In the latest Android 2.2.1 – Froyo update, Samsung has accidentally provided a buggy version for users. And the serious consequence that users encounter is that the camera’s recording function does not work, especially for Epic 4G users.

On the screen Homescreen main, you choose App Drawer> Camera:

Here, you choose to continue Settings At the bottom left of the screen:

Then press the button with the wrench icon and select Firmware Check as shown below:

The next screen displays, the system will offer 2 options: Check Version by Network and Firmware Update. When pressed Check Version by Network, You will continue to receive notifications It will occur additional fee. Will you continue ?. Press Yes to continue:

Here, the message asking the user to upgrade the firmware will cost a small fee, but actually you will not have to pay 1 penny.

After finishing checking the Firmware version, we return to the Firmware Update, and the message window It will occur additional fee. Will you continue? will show 1 more:

Your phone will then search for the corresponding application package from the Samsung data store, then return the software details with the name CameraFirmware_OZ. Press the button Install is orange and so on Install At the next screen:

Note that before you start the update, you should plug in the phone charger or have enough battery life long enough for the process to complete. After installing the firmware of the camera, we will continue with the actual firmware of the system. Press Open In Camera firmware and the process will continue automatically, the total time takes about 3 minutes:

When the system displays a signal window Success As the picture below means the installation has been completed, press OK and the phone will automatically reboot. The system will then ask if you want to uninstall the application. Click OK because we really don’t need it after the firmware update is successful:

Note that this firmware update will not solve the problem 100% of the camera, but can help users avoid most problems with the old software version.

Good luck!


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