Unlike Epic Games or many other publishers, Steam always sided with gamers?

The process of making Metro Exodus an exclusive game on the Epic Store did not go very well. The biggest problem is that the game has previously been released as a pre-order on Steam, and the transfer to the Epic Store is like a cold water splash on those who have, and are wanting to put it on. Valve's system.

Unlike Epic Games or many other publishers, Steam always sided with gamers? - Picture 1.

A final compromise was made that those who ordered Metro Exodus on Steam could still receive it on this system. However, this is still just a mess and negative and disappointing criticism from some fans has not been unexpected. Before that situation, Steam page of Metro Exodus posted a message that made the situation worse, that Valve is on the side of gamers, unlike the "other PC game distributors".

"We think that removing this game from Steam is an unfair decision for our customers, especially those who have booked quite a long time," Valve said, "We are sincere. sorry to the customers who were expecting the game to be released on February 15, but we have just been informed recently and we only have a little time to inform everyone. "

But business developer Nathaniel Blue also corrected to Kotaku that the purpose of the message was not to fuel the fire, and they had never posted any similar messages for other games. is about to be distributed exclusively on Epic Store, and that they don't want to "contribute" tension to the gaming community any more.

"We will not continue to post similar messages in the future because we do not want to spark a wave of outrage from the community," Blue said, "Our purpose is to connect developers with customers, build a valuable community for gamers, and just focus on those things. "

Unlike Epic Games or many other publishers, Steam always sided with gamers? - Picture 2.

Although the correction has been made, the negative review wave is still a problem on Steam. Valve has made some progress in taking measures to prevent these reviews from earlier this year, and while Blue has not specifically mentioned the upcoming changes, he said that handling the reviews on Steam still "in progress".

"We are still constantly working on reviews because we want them to be reviews and reviews of the status of games, and if they are not, it will be a weakness. I need to fix it. "– he said.

Despite his change of heart, Blue also mentioned that he wasn't sure Valve would come back and change the way they handled Metro Exodus, even if they could, and they obviously didn't want it, because their message is still there on the Steam page of this game.

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