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University of California professor faces 219 years in prison for smuggling missile technology for China

A Chinese-based professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is facing jail sentences of up to 219 years after the jury found him guilty of smuggling chips with Chinese military units. National.

Standing in front of 18 counts of illegal export and multiple counts of fraud are electrical engineers and assistant professor Yi-Chi Shih at UCLA. Sih is accused of being along with another defendant, Kiet Ahn Mai (some of the pages written are Kiet Anh Mai – likely to be Vietnamese-American) cheating a semiconductor manufacturer in the US (unnamed) and following Prosecutors, Mai posing as a potential customer to get chip designs from this company then sent illegally to China.

Yi-Chi Shih faces 219 years in prison.

In a statement, prosecutors in Los Angeles court said the chips were sent to a Chinese company that Shih was president. Shih paid for chip design boards through a US bank account and this amount was earned by another Chinese company.

It is known that the stolen chips "are used in rockets, missile navigation systems, fighters, electronic combat systems and electronic combat combat as well as radar applications."

Industrial espionage is an extremely important aspect of disputes between the US and China. This is also the problem that caused recent trade negotiations between the two countries to heat up. The United States used to accuse well-known Chinese companies including Huawei from stealing technology from US businesses.


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