United Airlines plane crashes, many debris fell into the residential area

United Airlines plane crashes, many debris fell into the residential area

On February 20, a United Airlines plane had a problem that caused many large debris of the plane to fall into the residential area.

(Source: Bloomfield Police Twitter screenshots)

At about 1 pm (US Eastern time) February 20, a United Airlines flight with 241 passengers took off from Denver, Colorado, to Honolulu in Hawaii. Shortly after takeoff, however, the right engine suddenly got stuck and caught fire, causing large parts and debris to fall into a residential area in Bloomfield, Colorado, near a house. Luckily, the plane made an emergency return to Denver International Airport, and all passengers were safe.

Sources suggest that most of the parts and debris of this United Airlines Boeing 777-200 passenger plane that was thrown out fell into a public park near Broomfield, Colorado, Northmoor and Red Leaf, It is located 20 miles (about 32 km) north of downtown Denver.

A photo posted by Bloomfield Police on Twitter showed large fragments of the plane’s engine shell scattered outside the house and on the lawn. Police have repeatedly reminded the public not to touch or move these pieces, so as not to affect the investigation.

The scene showed that the right engine of the passenger plane was on fire, thick black smoke was coming from where it was flying, and a man said: “Something went off.” According to a recording held by Reuters, when the incident occurred, the pilot asked the control tower for help, saying that the plane had just had an engine problem and had to immediately return to the airport.

Local witness Tyler Thal said that when he was walking with his family, he noticed that the flight height of the civil aircraft was abnormally low, so he took out his mobile phone to record it. “I looked closely at the plane and saw something explode, then smoke and some debris fell. When I relayed images I witnessed to my loved ones, I heard an explosion from the plane, ” I said, “The plane continued to fly, and then I no longer see its silhouette.”

Later in a statement, United Airlines said that on Flight 328 there were 231 passengers and 10 crew members, fortunately the incident did not injure anyone.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) opened an investigation into the entire incident.

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