United Airlines investigates the Ted Cruz flight information leak

United Airlines investigates the Ted Cruz flight information leak

United Airlines confirmed that it was investigating the possibility that Senator Ted Cruz flight information from Texas to Cancun, Mexico was leaked.

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The airline said in a statement to The Hill: “Sharing the airline’s passenger personal information is a violation of United Airline policy and we are investigating this incident. ”

Politico was the first channel to report on this internal investigation. A United executive told the media that if they found employees disclosing data, they could be fired and had no other choice.

Sen. Ted Cruz flew to Cancun, Mexico while millions of Texans were left without electricity and heaters amid a severe winter storm. He apologized and said this trip “Obviously a mistake”.

Before Ted Cruz flew back to Texas, the Skift travel media correspondent Edward Russell quoted a United Airlines source as revealing the departure time of his flight from Cancun to Houston.

Russell writes: “Speaking with a source from United Airlines, Senator Ted Cruz has rescheduled flight this afternoon from Cancun to Houston at around 6:00 am (on Thursday). At first he was expected to return on Saturday. “

Mr. Cruz and his wife and children arrived in Cancun on the evening of Wednesday, February 17, after which he took a flight back to Texas on Thursday afternoon, February 18. The 50-year-old Republican told the media on his return to Houston: “This is clearly a mistake. If I go back, I won’t do this. ”

Politico argues that leaks are uncommon despite the fact that tens of thousands of United employees have access to flight data.

Senators, in essence, have no formal role in responding to emergencies. However, Senator Ted Cruz stirred up a political storm by leaving his state while millions were in trouble.

Mr. Cruz said in a statement on Feb. 18: “Having been given a week off school, our girls asked to go out with their friends. Because I wanted to be a good dad, I flew with them last night and flew again this afternoon. ”

He also said that initially planned to stay with the kids until the weekend, but almost as soon as he got on the plane, he thought back and decided to fly back to Texas as soon as possible.

“The staff and I regularly communicate with local and state leaders to learn more about what happened in Texas,” He added, referring to power outages and in some cases the loss of the country.

The Texans “want electricity, have water back and the house is warm.

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