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Unique photo editing with Distortit


Hilarious editing of personal photos or friends is a great way to relax. Using photo editing software Photoshop or Distortit will help you create the most unique and fun images to give your girlfriend on the occasion of March 8.

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Not too fussy and feature-rich as PhotoScape. Distortit photo editing software only has a few basic customizations to make your photos fun. That is why it is lighter PhotoScape a lot of times, it’s only 0.3MB.

To edit photos you first need to Install PhotoScape on the computer is somewhat more difficult than Distortit. With Distortit, you just need to download the file and open it to use it immediately. Let’s see the following instructions of ElectrodealPro offline.

Unique photo editing with Distortit

Download Distortit Latest version and installed

Step 1: After the installation is complete, open Distortit, at the main interface, right click and select Load to navigate to the photo you want to edit.

Correction of state distortit

Step 2: To edit photos with Distortit you click on the location you want to edit. For example here ElectrodealPro will edit eyes. You drag the bar above to enlarge and shrink the photo. Press Keep to save.

Correction of state distortit

Step 3: Edit photos with Distortit similar to other locations.

Correction of state distortit

Step 4: If you want to cancel the edited photo. Right click and select Reload.

Correction of state distortit

The photo will return to its original state

Correction of state distortit

Step 5: Want to save the edited photo. Right click and select Save.

Correction of state distortit

Above are instructions for you to use Distortit unique photo editing software. You can also make photos of yourself or your friends in the shimmering Vo Tac Thien style. Use image creation software shooting style of Martial Arts School with Pitu on the computer to have moments of relaxation.
On March 8, ElectrodealPro would like to send 8/3 wishes to all the women across the country the best and most meaningful wishes



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