Unique industrial style kitchen room template

Unique industrial style kitchen room template

Industrial style kitchen at first glance

Industrial-style kitchens are simple, functional spaces where raw materials and furnishings and finishes are hard and take a central place – when it comes to this style, think of surfaces like concrete and steel, chunks of brick exposed on the walls and plenty of open space. Here are some common factors that are commonly encountered:

– Hard materials such as concrete, steel, brick and wood beams

– The equipment is as good as the restaurant

– Convenient lighting equipment

– Exposed pipes and pipes

– Neutral color palette, limited to certain colors

Things never show up in an industrial kitchen

This style of kitchens is more likely to prefer durable, solid surfaces, restaurant-like appliances than flamboyant decorations, and it is designed to serve a variety of purposes. Here are the things you never see:

– The original surface is not worn out

– Skirting the ceiling, furniture made of millwork wood or wooden baseboard

– Pastel or pastel color palette

– Delicate furniture or elaborate details

– Formal and traditional furniture

Minimalistic color scheme

The color of the raw materials used is the basis of the palette in industrial kitchens. Think of concrete gray, white and matte black – with a saturated color intertwined.

– Color for industrial kitchens:

– Gray shades: cement gray, pigeon gray, shale, coal

– Black and white: Architecture white, matte black

– Saturated color: Fire orange, brick red, royal blue, navy blue

Design details: Concrete

Concrete is ideal for an industrial-style kitchen. Use concrete as floor material, table surface or even on walls. Just be aware that concrete is very heavy – you will need to work with a specialist to determine if your home can withstand the weight of this material. If you like the color of concrete but it does not achieve the desired effect in your home space, imitation concrete large format bricks can be a convincing alternative.

Design details: Stainless steel

There’s a reason stainless steel covers most of the surfaces in restaurant kitchens – it’s easy to clean, slamming down unharmed and very durable. In addition to the usual stainless steel appliances, table top, use a sink and stand made of this material. In this kitchen designed by Emerick Architects, the stainless steel cabinet with integrated sink and the pair of commercial-style faucets with black framed windows and bulb lighting creates a modern industrial look.

Flat cabinets

Modern frameless cabinets with flat doors or sliding doors have a minimalist design, suitable for industrial kitchens. Look for cabinets with simple zipper handles made from dark metal. The sink will usually be either recessed or integrated to give the kitchen a cleaner look.

Design details: Items made from salvaged material

Hyax looks for salvaged items or objects – such as the wooden vortices and water pipes used to create the kitchen island in this space from SUBU Design Architecture – to add a true classical appeal to public design. Karma.

Design details: Open shelf

Follow pro chefs’ suggestions that keep your most frequently used items on open shelves for easy retrieval. Prioritize useful items over fancy decorations or collections, such as everyday dishes, glass jars, be it pots or spices.

Surface finishing

In an industrial-style kitchen, a few carefully selected details are all that are needed to complete the space. Exposed pipes (or fittings made from reusable tubes), filament or factory-style bulbs, wooden and metal stools, and plant pots are all options. suitable.

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