Uninstall LSE software on Lenovo computers

Uninstall LSE software on Lenovo computers

Removing LSE software on Lenovo computers helps you and many other users who have been using this series of computers originating in China. As is known, LSE (Lenovo Service Engine) is spyware that steals information from the user’s computer system. For the average user, it is difficult to recognize this dangerous application. Refer to the article below to know how to remove LSE application on Lenovo laptops

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Uninstall LSE software on Lenovo computers

Step 1: To remove Lenovo Service Engine software, users need to determine whether their computer or laptop is currently running Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit. If you do not know how to determine, you refer to the article Test Win 32bit or 64bit

Step 2: Download Lenovo LSE Windows Disabler Tool software on your computer

* For Windows 32bit: Download Lenovo LSE Disabler 32bit
* For Windows 64bit: Download Lenovo LSE Disabler 64bit

Step 3: Once downloaded, simply run Lenovo LSE Windows Disabler Tool to remove LSE software on your Lenovo computer.

Remove lse memos on lenovo computer

Uninstall LSE software on Lenovo computers

Above, ElectrodealPro instructed you on how to remove LSE software on Lenovo computers to help you remove dangerous spyware that steals users’ confidential information.

To better secure your data, you should install one of the best anti-virus software and also regularly update the latest versions of each software.

Brief introduction about LSE software (Lenovo Service Engine)

Lenovo Service Engine (LSE) is a piece of code that has a firmware attached to the motherboard of a Lenovo computer. LSE software features spyware by being able to work in the background right from the start of your computer and can deeply interfere with Windows operating system’s default system files. Thus, the LSE software will have the same highest authority as the Adminitrator account and easily make settings in the computer, automatically download files and software as specified by the Lenovo publisher. That is very dangerous

Lenovo models infected with LSE include

Lenovo laptop

1. Flex 2 Pro 15 (Broadwell) 7. S435 / M40-35
2. Flex 2 Pro 15 (Haswell) 8. V3000
3. Flex 3 1120 9. Y40-80
4. Flex 3 1470/1570 10. Yoga 3 11
5. G40-80 / G50-80 / G50-80 Touch 11. Yoga 3 14
6. S41-70 / U41-70 12. Z41-70 / Z51-70
13. Z70-80 / G70-80

Lenovo desktops (global)

1. A540 / A740 11. Horizon 2 27
2. B4030 12. Horizon 2e (Yoga Home 500)
3. B5030 13. Horizon 2S
4. B5035 14. C260
5. B750 15. C2005
6. H3000 16. C2030
7. H3050 17. C4005
8. H5000 18. C4030
9. H5050 19. C5030
10. H5055 20. X310 (A78)
21. X315 (B85)



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