Uninstall Avast Secure Browser / disable autostart

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Last updated: 11/18/2020

Sorry to insist, but I already told you, you need an antivirus for your peace of mind. Because even if you do not do anything when you surf the web (illegal downloading on P2P sites / sites of streaming often filled with malicious ads (ad-free streaming is rare), there are many ways to get infected with virus, malware (malware), ransomware (ransomware) or others Trojans.

You can endanger your computer security just by surfing the web or social networks, installing a repackaged program with malware, being the target of a phishing campaign etc … Even the best antivirus does not ensure total protection of your devices: the reasoned and reasonable behavior of the user is the first factor of the IT security. But antivirus protection will protect you from the most sophisticated attacks and is essential. Whether you use a free antivirus or one paid antivirus.

Avast Antivirus, a free antivirus

Personally, I have been using free antivirus for years (well ten years I think) Avast. I say free antivirus but it’s actually the basic version ofAvast which is free. There are paid versions of Avast with more features. Easy to install and use, Avast offers good protection against the risks of modern IT. It secures your operating system, your browsers. This antivirus generally scores well in antivirus reviews and personally I’ve always been happy with it. This was not always the case with other antiviruses (including some paid).

Avast extensions

Avast has, however, become increasingly heavy for the operating system with the addition of many additional features: password manager, VPN security, performance optimization, anti-tracking solution, driver update, secure internet browser, etc. … It is precisely this last feature that I will tell you about today. Avast requires the use of some of these tools. In 2018, I was thus surprised to see a window Avast Secure Browser open when Windows 10 starts.

Avast Secure browser, the Avast browser

Avast Secure Browser is promoted as a highly secure browser for browsing the web. But I don’t really like being forced to use software. I am personally very happy with Mozilla Firefox as a web browser and I want to keep it as my default browser. And I especially do not want thatAvast Secure Browser be started at the same time as Windows because this slows down Windows startup. Although it is possible to disable programs when Windows starts up, there is a simple trick to prevent Avast Secure Browser to run when your OS starts up.

Disable Avast Secure browser when starting Windows

When Avast Secure Browser starts when Windows starts up, the browser settings page is opened by default. Just look for the section When the engine starts and the parameter Launch Avast Secure Browser when you start your computer.

You just need to turn off this setting (which should not be green) and you will no longer have the browser auto-run.Avast when you start your operating system.

Désinstaller Avast Secure Browser

Another solution, even more radical: désinstaller Avast Secure Browser. Nothing original, you just have to follow the same usual procedure for uninstalling Windows programs:

  1. open parameter Applications and Features in Windows
  2. find Avast Secure Browser in the list of programs
  3. click on the program in the list of applications
  4. click on the button Uninstall
    Uninstalling Avast Secure Browser in Windows

On the other hand, there is a good chance thatAvast Secure Browser appears again (even if you uninstalled it) during a major Avast update. Indeed, the antivirus reinstalls its browser when installing a new version of its antivirus software. You will therefore have to follow this procedure again regularly, each time you install a new version ofAvast.

If you no longer want to hear about Avast, you can turn to Panda Antivirus, a free and efficient antivirus that will be able to protect you from cyber risks.

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