Unikey 4.3 recently updated, adding digital signature Certificate

Unikey 4.3 has just updated and added a digital signature Certificate that has just been released by developer Pham Kim Long. Unikey 4.3 upgrade integrates this electromagnetic signature to help users easily distinguish fake software, containing malicious code that harms the computer.

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Unikey 4.3 recently updated, adding a digital signature Certificate for computers using Windows 7,8,10 operating system. Unikey is a popular Vietnamese percussion in Vietnam, taking advantage of that popularity, there are many pirated Unikey software, making users unintentional download and use, increasing the risk of being attacked by malicious code.

Unikey 4 3 all-new license certificate

Unikey 4.3 is updated with authenticated digital signature

Version 4.3 adds a digital signature Certificate that will help users determine whether the percussion they are using is currently an original of author Pham Kim Long or not. With the required number of uses, windows will automatically record the “clean version of Unikey” and at the same time the percussion will not be mistakenly warned as malicious from Windows SmartScreen Defender.

Download Unikey 4.3 here: Download Unikey

Unikey 4.3 RC1 32Bit
Unikey 4.3 RC1 64Bit

Before installing Unikey 4.3 RC1, we need to check the certificate of the file to avoid malicious files.

The way to check is as follows:

Right click and select Properties >Digital Signatures >Details >View Certificate

If the resulting message is the Issued to: Pham Kim Long, Issued by: COMODO RSA Code Signing CA, 3/16/2018 to 3/17/2019 then this is the original provided by the author.

The updated version of Unikey 4.3, adding a Certificate’s digital signature, although providing optimal features, makes users happy, but still encountered errors when typing in the address bar of many different browsers. . So the producer has advised the user if having problems, please notify the administrators of this Unikey can downgrade the update to version 4.2 directly from the website. Unikey.org.

In case of using Unikey but cannot type Vietnamese, please refer to how fix error Unikey cannot type accented Vietnamese here.


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