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Unihertz Titans: The “BlackBerry Passport” runs Android

BlackBerry Passport is a device that has been used by many BlackBerry fans around the world, including Vietnam. However, due to operating system restrictions many users did not choose this device.

Recently, Unihertz – a special smartphone brand has decided to create a new “Passport version” running Android operating system called Titans.

According to leaked information, the Unihertz Titans has a completely similar design to the BlackBerry Passport, square, compact but no less powerful that many people remember the BlackBerry 8xxx series before. The phone is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that once stood out, the screen uses a 4.5 inch IPS LCD panel and 1440×1440 resolution. It also impresses with the huge battery capacity of up to 6000mAh and supports wireless charging.

The Unihertz Titans has a completely similar design to the BlackBerry Passport

Titans also integrated the current popular technologies such as LTE, fingerprint sensor, NFC, supports 2 sim. Currently, Unihertz has not disclosed information about the processor and memory capacity of the device.

Unihertz Titans is priced at 199USD and will soon be sold on Kickstarter. However, Unihertz can completely encounter problems related to copyright issues with BlackBerry, so whether this product will reach consumers’ hands is still a question mark.

What do you guys think about this interesting device?

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