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Understand Japanese massage chairs

Piece The first massage chair world created in Japan. Japan is also a country that owns many famous brands of massage chairs. Japanese massage chairs are loved in Vietnam and many countries around the world because of their high durability, many modern features, meeting the diverse needs of use in households; Besides, there is a serious after-sales policy towards consumers.

In the content below we will learn more about Japanese massage chair, history, main features and uses.

The history of massage chairs

Japanese people love massage, from a very young age, Japanese children have been taught how to massage by their grandparents and parents. When the second world war ended, in the wake of economic hardship and scarce materials, an amateur engineer created the world’s first massage chair using the discarded parts of a car. bicycle, tennis ball and some other throw-away items.

Japanese massage chair

Although handmade, these chairs still capture the favor of users and quickly become popular in public baths in Japan. Until now, in many places in Japan still use this original, wooden and quite rudimentary massage chair.

After about 70 years of innovation and development, engineers have turned the manual massage chair into a miracle thanks to the application of outstanding Japanese mechanical and technological achievements.

Today’s massage chairs apply many modern techniques, perfectly simulating the massage process of the human hand.

Japanese massage chair classification

Japanese massage chair includes 3 main lines:

Japanese massage chair

– Domestic Japanese massage chair – a product manufactured to meet the needs of Japanese consumers.

– Japanese massage chairs are exported to foreign countries, manufactured according to consumer needs and weather conditions in each country or country.

In addition, to reduce costs, many units have joint ventures with Japan, using Japanese technology to produce massage chairs according to Japanese lines and technology.

In general, Japanese massage chairs are often located in luxury locations with a relatively high average price. This product is suitable for families with financial conditions. It not only helps relax, but also has therapeutic properties, helps prevent and support the treatment of a number of diseases related to bones – joints. Besides massage chair can be a decoration for the house, suitable for luxurious interior.

Features on Japanese massage chairs

Roller system: Rollers on Japanese massage chairs often use silicone material instead of plastic to create a soft feel similar to human hands. The roller can be fitted with a maximum of 6-8 wheels, and has a movable metal arm to enhance the massage function.

Japanese massage chair

The roller system is integrated with dual sensors, can scan the body at the same time along the vertical and natural curves of the spine, thereby making precise massage with the right force for each specific user. Popular massage chairs use massage rollers to press along the soles of the feet, while Japanese massage chairs are often equipped with calf massage rollers to enhance shiatsu reflexology.

Body airbag: The massage chair is equipped with an airbag system in areas that are often painful to support the massage roller in a position where the massage roller cannot reach. Traditional airbags can be expanded into 3 levels, while the airbags on Japanese massage chairs can be expanded to 5-7 levels, even 11 levels.

Infrared heating: Massage chairs are usually equipped with a waist heating system for heating. Japanese massage chairs are also equipped with a heating system in the calves to help dilate the vessel walls, enhance blood circulation, and enhance therapeutic massage capabilities.

In general, Japanese massage chairs are loved by everyone for their durability, versatility and modernity. Each product, before it reaches the user, has to go through many strict tests to ensure the quality and safety during use.

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