Underground rules of street racing

It is not too much to say that street racing is the main factor that makes the attraction for the Fast and Furious series as well as the popular game Need for Speed.

Despite being an illegal sport anywhere and rife with danger, street racing has a special attraction. Even when it is reproduced through film or computer graphics, it is always the ultimate magnet, attracting many followers and bringing a lot of money and reputation to the manufacturer.

But the truth is that in the Hollywood blockbuster and this game, the viewer / player seems to focus on the spectacular competition and forget the rules. Speaking of which, many people probably realized it. Although it is an unorthodox sport, street racing always comes with the rules that the participants are forced to follow, even if it is an unwritten code.

The joy of winning is what many seek. In essence, this desire has arisen since humans tamed animals to ride such as horses, cows or elephants. When human society changes with breakthroughs, including the appearance of means of transport, that pleasure will not disappear. With an aggressive mindset in mind, people are often excited to find opponents. But once you find a potential competitor, what do you need to do to spark a race?

According to TopSpeed, newbies need to perform some tips to express their ‘goodwill’:

– Lightly press the gas pedal to let the engine grow slightly

– Stop at the red light pole and move slightly in front of the vehicle you want to challenge

– Pay attention to the attitude of the driver on another vehicle

– If the driver shows any sign of approval, wait until the light turns green to start the fun.

Of course, there is a simpler and safer method. It’s to lower your glasses and talk directly to the person you want to fight for speed. But that is only considered introductory. Because in order to join the pro-level ‘underground’ racing community, there will be more things that the members have to know.

1. Do not kill

Despite focusing on driving the car, the steering still has to ensure the lives of others. But TopSpeed ​​points to the fact that at least 179 people have lost their lives in Los Angeles alone since 2000 due to street racing accidents. Still, one thing more concerning is that most of the dead are not drivers. So, if you do not want to kill anyone, it is best not to join this adventure game.

2. Hold races early in the morning

This is a fairly important rule in the street racing world. In the early morning, the streets are often very empty because few people pass by. And that is the ideal condition for riders to show their skills and enjoy their hobbies. But in contrast, the risk of police detection also increased. However, that did not discourage unruly horses, on the contrary, it was a reward. In addition, the early mornings also provide the opportunity to explore remote areas within their territory.

3. Approach to the demarcation line of the two police forces

The reason for this rule is quite simple. When racing along the border line between two police forces, the unit that is monitoring or chasing the convoy will have to get permission from the other party to infiltrate their area of ​​power. This is a special feature of the way the security apparatus is established in a country with many states such as the United States. With a period of 10 or 15 seconds to ask permission, the driver was able to escape safely. Not only that, the race organizers are also very focused on research and selection of prohibited or remote points to limit risks.

4. Never lie about your car

TopSpeed ​​emphasizes that people entering the underworld of street racing always have to be honest about their cars. Because without accurate information about your vehicle, other competitors can adjust the style of play and increase the risk of an accident. At that time, the consequences will be very unpredictable and the participants may face many other problems.

5. Classification by tire

This may be a big surprise to a lot of people, but the truth is that to classify the cars participating in ‘street racing’, the type and size of tires are the number 1 classification criteria. The upgrade will cause numerous difficulties in the evaluation. While tire breakdown is much simpler. Not only that, this criterion is not unreasonable because the bigger the tire, the greater the grip and gives certain advantages for the racer.

6. Communicate with lights

Using lights is a simple but extremely effective way of communication by street racing. An example that TopSpeed ​​gave is when you want to challenge someone, flash 5, 6 times and wait for the answer. If that person blinked again, that meant the race would take place. But if the person stepped on the brake and you see the brake light, then they refused. The above is just a small example and want to learn more, you have to penetrate the world of street racing.

7. The race ends when there is a traffic jam or a light pole next

In addition to the well-organized races, riders can take part in some solo freestyle during highway or light-to-light races. You can start when the light changes color or honk three times as a signal. But traffic is difficult to say in advance with many variables, such as traffic jams. A highway race may end as soon as the riders are stopped because of a congestion. As for light-to-light, the race sometimes takes place only for a very short time.

In addition to some of the basic rules mentioned above, street racers must always be aware of the escape plan. Because if they can not escape, they can lose thousands of dollars in fines or imprisonment. Remember, the United States is a very strict country. But no matter how serious, there are people who are compelled to perform illegal acts. One of the basic things for these riders to escape from the pursuit of the police is to know the surrounding area, including the demarcation of powers as mentioned above.

But no matter what lust, street racing is still prohibited. It not only jeopardizes the participants themselves but also many others. It was a misconduct, even TopSpeed’s own pen felt guilty for revealing a secret about the criminal community with so many fans. The advice is to look to the standard racetrack, which is the right place for you to satisfy your passion for speed as well as show your driving skills.

If unfortunately caught, street racers may face some penalties. Under US law, they can be fined hot 500-2000 USD. That is the lightest case. In addition, their vehicle may be impounded for 30 days. Even worse, if an accident occurs and the victim is injured or even killed, the door of the cell will be the final destination for them. In Germany, two drivers were convicted of life after illegal racing and killed one person.

Wherever it is, whether Germany, USA or Vietnam, violating traffic laws and killing people will surely have a common outcome of facing the four walls of the cell and spending part of their lives. Inside. So, please everyone obey the traffic laws, suppress your emotions and ego and think about others. Because, it will firstly more or less bring peace to yourself. Wish you always drive safely and happily.


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