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Unbox Marvel’s Avengers super expensive version, limited number around the world

Expected to be released on September 4, Marvel’s Avengers is the most awaited superhero game in 2020.

It is known that this is a third-person action adventure game set in the Marvel universe with superheroes in the Avengers team. The game was first introduced at the E3 2019 fair and was developed by Crystal Dynamics published by Square Enix. According to what is revealed about the plot, in Marvel’s Avengers, players will have the task of regrouping and rebuilding the Avengers lineup. The game will have both single player camapign mode and multiplayer mode.

Unboxing MARVEL’S AVENGERS Earth’s Mightiest Edition [PS4]

In addition to the regular physical (disc) versions, Square Enix also released special editions with premium containers and statues. With a limited number released globally, this can be considered as the rarest Marvel’s Avengers version that gamers can buy.

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