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Unanswered mystery about the most "unique" woman in human history

It all started with a housewife in Riverside County, California, USA. Gloria Ramirez is the mother of two children and they will live happily together until 1994, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

At the time, Gloria was only 30 years old and used home chemotherapy to extend her life for a few more years.

But things were not so smooth, on February 19, her health began to be unstable with difficulty breathing, her heart rate decreased and could not even answer simple questions coherently.

Gloria – the most "unique" woman in human history.

At 20:15, she was taken to a local hospital (Riverside District Medical Center) for emergency treatment.

But by the time she was pushed into the emergency room, she hadn't expected to be the most "poison" patient in human history in just half an hour.

Recognizing the critical condition of the patient, the medical staff injected Gloria with some tranquilizers and anticonvulsants to help stabilize the patient's body.

But every emergency attempt seemed to come to a dead end when her heartbeat did not stabilize. At this time, the only option is to decide to use an electric shock to stimulate the slower and slower heart rate.

However, when Gloria's clothes were taken off and the electric shock was prepared, strange things began now.

Strange events

Moments after the shock of Gloria Ramirez, everyone realized that her bare skin was shiny, sparkling like oil. Moreover, the emergency room doctors smelled an unpleasant smell like rotten fruit mixed with garlic coming out of her mouth.

After that, the medical staff living around Gloria fainted one by one in a mysterious way.

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A series of doctors and medical staff fainted in the emergency room for Ramirez.

The first person to fall was a nurse named Susan Kane, who was responsible for helping Gloria Ramirez draw blood. During the blood draw, she smelled the smell of ammonia and noticed some grayish white unidentified particles floating in the collected blood samples.

Just handing the test tube containing the female patient's blood to the doctor, nurse Susan Kane suddenly fainted. After a while, Dr. Julie Gorchynski also felt hangover and fainted a few minutes later.

The third person to faint was the resuscitation officer Maureen Welch who had provided emergency treatment to Gloria Ramirez earlier.

After fainting three people in a row, people began to feel that something was amiss, although it was not possible to determine the cause of the doctors' "faint" syncope. Doctors and emergency response teams quickly sealed the hospital and evacuated all other patients out of the car park.

Due to fear of spreading toxic chemicals from the emergency room, all medical staff had to remove their outer clothes and seal them in plastic bags.

Although Gloria Ramirez is in an emergency room that looks very dangerous, the hospital has not yet given up on treatment, and there are still veterans of the hospital in the room to continue the task of treating the strange female patient. this.

However, at 2050, Gloria Ramirez passed away due to kidney failure after a lot of mixed efforts and risks by General Hospital doctors. Her body was quickly put into an sealed and sealed aluminum coffin.

But the strange things didn't stop there, Sally Balderas, the nurse responsible for pushing the female patient's body into the isolation room, soon fainted, and 23 of the 37 emergency room staff showed symptoms. such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, skin burns and fainting.

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Ramirez was pronounced dead. The cause of death is thought to be kidney failure from cancer.

After the incident, the scene was quickly sealed, the California Department of Public Health sent Dr. Ana Maria Osorio and Kirsten Waller to General Hospital to clarify the case.

Health workers who worked overtime on the night of February 19 were interviewed one after the other and had symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath and nausea, for those exposed to Gloria they were worse and fainting.

But when the blood test and emergency room examination, the results showed completely normal and not anything abnormal.

After that, the scope of the test was extended to the entire hospital, but no toxic chemicals were found.

A week later, Gloria's body was executed for an autopsy, but this was not a normal autopsy.

Because Gloria's body still releases strange gases after death, even pathologists wearing gas masks.

It was like a scene from a science fiction movie. However, the test results did not show anything unusual.

In Gloria's death certificate, it was simply written that "the end of cervical cancer leads to kidney failure and arrhythmia".

Moreover, the pathologist did not find any evidence that her body was contaminated with toxic substances.

Before the burial, pathologists conducted a total of three anatomical examinations on Gloria's body.

Her body tissue was sent to more than 20 laboratories for testing, but none of them found any clues.

All results indicate that only methylsulfonylmethane (DMSO2) exceeds the standard, but this is not harmful at all.


The first hypothesis was that all the emergency medical staff on February 19 had been suffering from "mass hysteria disorder" (Mass Hysteria) syndrome so they imagined strange signs. on the patient's body.

This hypothesis at first seems plausible, since the syndrome occurs mainly in groups of people under high pressure and groups with weak psychosocial qualities.

As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for medical personnel to be subjected to higher pressures than ordinary people.

But in fact, this syndrome will go away after psychological treatment, but female doctor Julie proved this theory completely wrong because after contact with Gloria, she had to live in intensive care. especially inside the hospital.

Besides serious respiratory problems, hepatitis, pancreatitis … In addition, she could not move because of apoptotic necrosis under the knee.

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Ramirez has used dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvent to relieve pain for a long time. Since then, a significant amount of DMSO has accumulated in Ramirez's body and cannot be excreted outside.

Therefore, the female doctor and other medical workers who were the victims took the hospital to court. At the same time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) also began an in-depth investigation.

The researchers focused on an excess of previously discovered Methylsulfonylmethane (DMSO2). Why is there such a high concentration of dimethyl sulfone in Gloria?

LNL found out that Gloria Ramirez often used dimethyl sulfoxide analgesic (DMSO) and they hypothesized that there was an amount of DMSO accumulating in Ramirez's body due to her urinary retention, something that doctors The doctor later discovered.

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Dimethyl Sulfate (DMSO4), a very toxic gas and can replace chemical weapons.

Because she could not be excreted for a long time, DMSO in her body reacted with oxygen in the body to produce DMSO2.

And in the operating room, Gloria's blood removed by Susan crystallized at room temperature (18 degrees Celsius), which explains the small crystals found in the blood.

At the same time when doctors used electric shocks to stimulate the heart, DMSO2 in the woman's body became DMSO4 – Dimethyl sulfate – a terrible chemical that was listed as an alternative to weaponization. learn .

Only one milligram of air is contained in one cubic meter of air and people will die on exposure for 10 minutes. Poisoning can cause seizures, convulsions, coma and slow kidney, liver and heart damage.

But in fact, of the 20 reported symptoms, only nausea and vomiting are not symptoms of Dimethyl sulfate exposure. Moreover DMSO2 in blood will immediately evaporate when being taken out of the body so it can not explain the phenomenon of female doctor Julie.

So far, science has not been able to fully explain Gloria's death as well as the phenomena of health workers.

The mysteries surrounding the story of the female patient and the strange expressions of the emergency medical workers that day were highlighted in the X-files file called "Toxic Lady".

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There is a theory that a secret laboratory exists to illegally produce ice.

Another theory is that there may be a secret laboratory for illegal production of methamphetamine (ice) in a hospital.

On the day of the incident, the medical staff used an intravenous infusion bag filled with methylamine, a precursor to produce methamphetamine, into her body, resulting in strange phenomena and an unpleasant odor that caused the The health worker suffered from "drug shock".

There are also many who believe that Gloria Ramirez had been kidnapped and experimented with aliens, injecting foreign substances into the body.

But whatever the theory, up to now, the February 19, 1994 event remains one of the greatest mysteries in modern medicine.

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