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Umibe no Étranger – First time love me!

On Tuesday, the official website for the movie Umibe no Étranger (L’étranger du Plage or The Stranger on the Beach) based on the manga of the same name by author Kanna Kii announced the official title track. for project. The anime series is scheduled to premiere on September 11.

The cast involved in the project include:

  • Taishi Murata và o vai Shin Hashimoto
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays Mio Chibana
  • Yu Shimamura và o vai Sakurako

As stated earlier, Akiyo Ohashi was appointed director and screenwriter and storyboard idea at Studio Hibari. Author Kii responsible for supervising and directing the character design. Mayumi Watanabe on as director of graphics, while Takashi Hashimoto assumed the role of director of graphic effects.

The band MONO NO AWARE will perform the title song “Zokkon”.

The story revolves around the boy Mio, he is a high school boy who lost his parents at an early age. Shun is a gay novelist living near Mio’s home on a remote island in Okinawa. This guy was the one who saw little Mio on the beach bench for hours, so he talked. They became more and more close to each other … But by fate, Mio had to leave Okinawa.

3 years later, Mio returned …

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