Ultrasound probes: an alert report on a lack of hygiene
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Ultrasound probes: an alert report on a lack of hygiene

Led by the French Society of Hospital Hygiene (SF2H) and revealed by Le Parisien Thursday, October 25, a report denounces the lack of hygiene and disinfection of the probes used for ultrasound scans.

In France, four million ultrasounds are performed each year. They involve the use of probes for external use but also internal (vaginal or rectal). Pregnancy follow-up, search for cyst, any abnormality of the urinary system, the reproductive system, the prostate … Many sets of organs can be observed in this way.

But according to this new report, these so-called endocavitary probes would not not sufficiently disinfected. Since 2007, disinfection is no longer systematic between two patients. Most of the time, they are cleaned with wipes, then covered with some kind of condom, or sheath, discarded after each use. A cleaning deemed insufficient for this SF2H report.
Can France remain the only country which officially displays an objective of treating probes lower than all those recommended at the international and European level?”Wonders the report, piloted by Doctor Pierre Parnaix, president of SF2H. “Our system is a global inconsistency, we’re 20 years behind”, Deplores the doctor at Le Parisien.

In medical jargon, disinfection considered optimal is called DNI, for intermediate level disinfection. But if it is systematic between two patients in certain countries of the European Union, French regulations do not impose it. Also it is not uncommon that only one DNI per day is practiced.

The FS2H study was commissioned in 2017 by Marisol Touraine, then Minister of Health. The resulting report was submitted in June 2018 to the new minister, Agnès Buzyn, but no announcement has yet been made by the ministry with a view to putting an end to this “laxity” in the disinfection of ultrasound equipment.

Source: The Parisian

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