Ultra-thin design, speedy performance

Sold in the mid-range price segment, the Honor MagicBook View 14 offers users a high level of use value thanks to its speedy performance and modern design. It competes in the 14-inch laptop market, with rivals like the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7i Pro, MSI Prestige 14 Evo, and LG Gram 14. Can the Honor MagicBook View 14 survive in this tough market? Today’s article will answer that question.

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Honor MagicBook View 14 . Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-11390H
  • GPUs: Intel Iris Xe
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Memory: 512GB SSD
  • Screen: 14-inch, 2520 x 1680 pixels
  • Size: 14.5 x 310 x 227 mm
  • Mass: 1.48kg

Honor MagicBook View 14

Honor MagicBook View 14: Design

The View 14 is a laptop with good build quality. The machine’s aluminum shell is precisely and meticulously machined, giving the laptop a sturdy appearance. The device possesses a minimalistic but equally sophisticated design language. Especially for the screen, thanks to being covered by an ultra-thin bezel.

The hinge of the machine is a long one, spreading along a large space on the body, giving us a good impression when looking through. With this sturdy hinge system, the screen of the machine is kept fixed during use. The screen can be extended to a maximum angle of 135 degrees.

One of the most impressive features of the View 14 is its slim appearance. Compared to other models in the comparison group, the View 14 is the thinnest laptop with a thickness of only 14.5 mm. However, with an overall weight of 1.5 kg, Honor’s laptop is a bit heavier than its competitors, but users can still carry it around easily.

The power button of the machine is located in the right corner of the keyboard set on the body. Thanks to built-in fingerprint security, users can easily log in to system accounts through a single click.

In terms of connectivity, Honor follows Apple’s laptop design trends. This means that the machine not only lacks an RJ45 port, but is also not equipped with a card reader slot, a Kensington lock slot or a dedicated DisplayPort connection.

The machine is equipped with a total of 3 USB ports. This is a rather modest number of ports, especially when you have to use a Type-C port to charge the battery. The good news is that both of the device’s Type-C ports support DisplayPort connectivity, providing the ability to connect to two external monitors if needed. The next plus is a Type-C port of the machine that supports the Thunderbolt 4 connection standard, providing fast data transfer speeds along with other utilities. And finally, the device is equipped with a 3.5mm jack, which is used to plug in a headset or microphone.

Honor MagicBook View 14

Honor MagicBook View 14: Keyboard and touchpad

In general, the keyboard of the device offers a pretty good input experience. The keys of the keyboard, although the travel is not too deep, and the pressure is not very firm, but still feels comfortable during use. The keyboard of the machine is illuminated by a white light system below with 3 different levels.

The touchpad of the device is large for the 14-inch laptop segment, with a 2-way size of 12 x 7.2 cm. The surface of the touchpad is smooth, allowing my fingers to glide across easily to interact with different applications on the Windows 10 operating system.

Honor MagicBook View 14

Honor MagicBook View 14: Screen

Those who are looking for a laptop with a touch screen feature will probably be satisfied with the MagicBook View 14. The screen of the machine is a 14-inch type, divided in a 3:2 ratio and occupies a part of the screen. large volume compared to the body (90%). The laptop’s screen is supported with a sensor feature, with the ability to receive 10 touch operations at the same time.

The screen has a rather rare resolution on the laptop market of 2520 x 1680 pixels. Thanks to a high-resolution panel, everything on the screen is displayed crisply and clearly.

The screen of the MagicBook View 14 also achieved very good results in other areas. Starting with a peak brightness level of over 400 nits, it provides a good visual experience even when you use the device outdoors. This panel also has very good color rendering, with 99% coverage of the sRGB color gamut and an ideal contrast ratio of 1700:1. The screen has a wide viewing angle thanks to the use of IPS panels.

Honor MagicBook View 14: Performance

Despite possessing a slim design, the MagicBook View 14 delivers a powerful level of performance without a dedicated graphics card. The 16GB RAM capacity of the device will provide a smooth user experience with the different multitasking tasks of the user. Meanwhile, if you feel that the machine’s 512GB internal memory is not enough, you can replace it with an M.2 drive with a larger capacity if needed.

Our review version is equipped with an Intel Core i7-11390H chip. Similar to other 35W chip lines in the same Tiger Lake family, 11390H is a rare chip in the laptop market, because manufacturers on the market often use 45W high-performance chips or chips. 28W power saving. The 35W chip family is designed to give users a level of speed performance, as well as a long battery life.

In terms of specifications, the i7-11390H chip is manufactured on a 10 nm process, made up of 4 cores and can handle tasks in 8 separate threads through Hyper-Threading technology. Despite having a higher-than-average clock rate (3.4 – 5.0GHz), the performance level that MagicBook View 14 brings is still only at the same level as the IdeaPad Slim 7i Pro (Core i7-11370H) in the tests. our CPU performance. However, the performance level of the 11390H chip can easily beat the laptops using 28W chips on the market.

The MagicBook View 14’s SSD, manufactured by Western Digital, has read and write speeds of 837.6 MBps and 667 MBps respectively in the CrystalDisk test.

Honor MagicBook View 14: Heat dissipation

The heat emitted by the MagicBook View 14 was within acceptable limits during our testing. In the upper half of the body, the maximum temperature recorded is 41 degrees Celsius, while the bottom half has a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius when performing pressure tests with FurMark and Prime95 tools. For comparison, the competitor in the same segment, the MSI Prestige 14, has a much higher heat output under the same test conditions. The entire body of the View 14 has an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius in the standby state.

In addition, the internal components of the machine did not experience overload during the test, with the chip’s temperature fluctuating within a stable range of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Honor MagicBook View 14: Battery life

View 14 is equipped with a 60Wh battery. This is a mid-range battery compared to the segment. Its competitors are equipped with batteries with capacities ranging from 52Wh (MSI Prestige 14 Evo) to 72Wh (LG Gram 14). Based on the results of our wifi web surfing test, Honor’s laptop can last about 9 hours with the brightness level set to mid-range. This is a very good result and is on par with the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7i Pro.


Honor MagicBook View 14 is a work laptop with a compact design, bringing high mobility to users. In addition, it possesses a level of speed performance, providing a smooth and reliable usage experience. And with a long battery life, users can use the device for a long time without having to worry much. If you are looking for a reliable work laptop, then surely the Honor MagicBook View 14 will not disappoint you.

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Plus mark

  • High build quality, modern design
  • Sharp screen, high contrast
  • Speed ​​performance
  • Compact design
  • Long battery life
  • Good speaker quality

Minus point

  • RAM is soldered to the main, so it cannot be disassembled and upgraded
  • The screen is not treated with anti-glare
  • There is only one internal memory slot
  • Limited number and type of connection ports

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